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Breaking: Prague National Gallery Will Showcase Art From Renowned Chinese Activist Ai Weiwei

Law of the Journey by Ai Weiwei, will go on display at the National Gallery Prague from 16th March 2017 and will be a monumental installation. Ai Weiwei is a world renowned artist and activist, having hit headlines around the... Continue Reading →

2017 The Year The Oscars Became More Irrelevant Than Ever

Ahhh.. The Oscars.. That time of year when Hollywood royalty get together for a collective groan at the world and turn into a multi-billion dollar political movement for one night only. Looking at the event leaves me with a few... Continue Reading →

Hungarian Wine Tasting: A Delightful Experience

Hungarian wine might not be the first regional wine you think of when considering your evening’s sophistications, but one company in Prague is hoping to change your perception. I recently had the chance to test a few select wines from... Continue Reading →

Czech Football Returns After Winter Break: Can Anyone Stop Viktoria Plzen?

Whilst football fans around the world will remember legendary players such as Karel Poborský, Pavel Nedvěd and Tomáš Rosický, not many outside of the Czech Republic could name more than a few players from the national team lineup, unless you... Continue Reading →

Your Wardrobe Will Never Look The Same Again: Primark Comes To Prague

Primark are opening a flagship store in the redeveloped area of Centrum Chodov. Get ready for bargains, brown paper bags and bruises. A few years ago, whilst bored at work, I wrote an email to the head office of budget... Continue Reading →

Learn To Surf In Prague

It aint easy being a surfer in Prague.. It aint easy being a surfer in Prague, what with the country being landlocked and all. The closest we have to a beach is Žluté lázně and whilst this place is lovely... Continue Reading →

5 Best Places In Prague For Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese: Its healthy, wholesome and readily available in almost all Italian restaurants, but where are the best places in Prague to get the best dishes? Without being modest, I would consider myself a highly qualified spaghetti Bolognese expert. Many... Continue Reading →

Melania Trump lookalike: Meet Czech TV presenter Petra Svoboda

Czech Television Presenter, Petra Svoboda is the spitting image of American First Lady, Melania Trump. Whatever you think of Donald Trump, and most people certainly do have an opinion, he is now the President of The United States of America... Continue Reading →

Debate Settled: Science Proves Man Flu Is A Real Condition

I’ve always thought that my illnesses are a little worse than my girlfriend’s illnesses, and if she got a taste of what I go through about once a year, she surely wouldn’t survive? Now it seems that science has once... Continue Reading →

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