Welcome To The Prague Geezer

You know it makes sense.

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So I had an epiphany last night; a revelation you might say. I was having a few beers with some pals when it occurred to me that after a couple of beers I start talking a bit like Del Boy and calling everyone geezer. I literally can’t help it. I call every bloke ‘geezer’ and I call every girl ‘a bird’. I even try a bit of French, with little or no success. raisse de chassie, as they say.

So I thought I would use this to my advantage and talk about my home, Prague, like a bit of a geezer. I was born in East London so I do qualify as an original geezer, but I have lived in Prague for about 5 years now and I absolutely love the place The people are blinding, the beer is top notch and the lifestyle is fantastic.

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I’ve always been an achiever; I never achieved much, but I was always in with a shout. – Del Boy, Peckham.

I have a bit of experience blogging and it is a crowded market; or bonnet de douche, as they say in France, but I would be well chuffed if you could give me feedback from time to time and check out some of my work. So this is it for now. Not much, but I’m a busy geezer; things to do and people to see, you know the the score. You can look forward to a post a day about the life of a geezer in Prague.

I would be over-the-moon if you could like my Facebook page as well. Go on, you know it makes sense!

tres bien ensemble – Take it easy!


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