The Prague Geezer Bar Reviews: JJ Murphy’s

Every self-respecting geezer has frequented a few Irish bars in his time and Prague offers a wide range of excellent establishments. JJ Murphy’s is amongst the best.

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A few years ago I met this lovely young lady and asked her out on a date. Being a charismatic geezer, she said yes of course and I started planning for a romantic rendezvous. I was getting proper excited about it but realized I’d made a terribly shocking oversight; the agreed date night clashed with Champions League football. I was in despair; should I cancel the date? Should I skip the football? Instead, I took her to JJ Murphy’s. Two birds with one stone.

We had a lovely meal, a few Pina Coladas and a nice chat, taking in the authentic ambience of the Irish bar. We were having a lovely time (of course we were, I’m an interesting geezer, I’ve got a lot of stories) and then the football came onto the screen. I acted pleasantly shocked and surprised as the commentator announced the lineups. This was make-or-break time and it could have gone either way; 2 years later and we are still together so I guess it went pretty well. Now I regularly visit this bar and I love watching the live Premier League Football and Rugby here.


The Food.

The menu is pretty much what you can expect from an Irish pub; Burgers, Steaks, Full Irish Breakfasts, Fajitas and Nachos. But my favourite has to be the Thai Green Curry which is absolutely superb. It’s spicy, but not ‘smash your face off spicy’ and full off chicken which is often sparse in nice pubs. The Fish and Chips is also well worth a look.

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The Beer.

This is Prague so the beer is already a cut above what you might find in London. Guinness, Kilkenny and Magners are all available on tap, as is Staropramen which is freshly delivered from the factory less than a mile away. JJ’s boast a wide range of spirits on offer, including Scottish and Irish whisky, and everything else you would expect to find. It isn’t a traditional Czech bar with beer cheaper than water, but it also isn’t a tourist bar with English prices so expect a happy medium.

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The Entertainment.

One of the main draws of JJ Murphy’s is the live sports on offer. The main attractions are Premier League football so you can watch Arsenal bottle it again and Arsene Wenger’s selective vision. You also get international rugby, including The 6 Nations and various other competitions and sports. Live Music is on offer, usually after the football has finished and is always worth a listen and a dance.

The Location.

JJ Murphy’s is ideally located close to Malostranská Metro station and near to Prague Castle. It is a safe, clean area at all times of the day or night.

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The Staff and Ambience.

The staff of JJ’s are always friendly and ready to get whatever you need. The ambience is superb as you get a mixture of local Czech people, local expats and tourists coming in to enjoy the experience. When the live sports isn’t occupying all attention, they play country, rock and classic music to boost the mood. Sorry kids; you won’t find any Bieber here.


Prague has a wide selection of Irish bars with many designed to cater for the stag parties and travelling tourists. Whilst you do get tourists in JJ Murphy’s, you also get a nice environment of people that just want to enjoy themselves. I would certainly rate JJ Murphy’s among the best in Prague.

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Well worth a look; you know it makes sense.

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