The Prague Geezer Bar Reviews: Prolog



Prolog Cocktail Bar is one of the best looking bars in Prague, but how does the experience match up?

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I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with cocktails. I grew up watching Del Boy order drinks such as Baileys and Cherryade or Drambuie and Tizer and for a time, I thought that was the height of sophistication. It took me a long time to understand there is more to a cocktail than meets the eye.

As the staff at Prolog might tell you, a cocktail is more of an experience to savor and enjoy than something you slurp down to get a bit tipsy. We’ve come a long way from the days of Pina Coladas and Bloody Mary’s and the upmarket cocktail bars of Prague have modernized; in a brilliant way. I headed to Prolog to see for myself:

The Venue:

Those that have been in Prague for more than a few years will remember the Andel of old and wonder how a brilliant cocktail bar could ever flourish in the run-down area on the wrong side of the river. Fast-forward a few years and Andel is thriving.

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When you arrive at Prolog you are immediately take by the grand entrance and the authentic 30’s feel to the venue. No expense has been spared in making this place look Arte Deco and simplistic in its design and feel.

The Drinks:

I settled on 3 different cocktails on my first trip to Prolog. I would have enjoyed more, but as a fine, upstanding gentleman of Prague I can’t be seen to be stumbling around outside in the early hours. You can find the full menu here.

Being a man of the sciences (seriously!) I couldn’t resist going for the Milky Way. It consisted of vodka, crème de cacao, cream, lemon, chocolate and even edible gold. It was great to start with and had me feeling interstellar after the first few mouthfuls.

I used to be a big fan of BBT and I had to try Bazinga. Having looked at the ingredients of this one I was extremely curious as it said stuff like Barium, Zinc and Galium; I thought those were in my daily vitamin supplements. Anyway, the deliciousness of the lemon and coconut made the experience completely worthwhile.

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Being a military man (seriously!) I decided to try the Good Soldier and I wasn’t left disappointed. It contained Becherovka, which I’ve never fully appreciated unless obliterated at 03:00am, but the taste was offset by a strong beer flavored syrup. It was an interesting combination and it went down well, although I am glad I didn’t start with this one. i think 3 cocktails is enough for me, although many people can handle more!

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The Service:

The first thing you notice is that all of the staff are impeccably dressed. They wear the fitted uniforms with pride and they are always more than helpful, in whatever language you choose. Whatever you order, they will happily pour, explain a bit about the process and what they are trying to create and have a nice chat with you.

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The Price:

If there is one thing I’ve learned from cocktail bars it’s that they don’t come cheap. If you are out on a date and trying to impress a young lady, or gentleman, you can expect to spend quite a few of your hard-earned Koruna’s. That being said, Prolog is surprisingly cheap given the location, the experience and the range of exquisite drinks on offer. Most of the cocktails on offer range between 100-250CZK and whilst they might not sell 27czk beers like the nearby Hospuda, you are still getting a fab drink at a reasonable price.

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The Verdict:

Whilst I can say with all honesty that I probably would visit Prolog on a daily basis, Prolog is a fine establishment that I think is fast-earning a stellar reputation as one of the finest cocktail bars in town. It isn’t a particularly saturated market with only a handful of decent cocktail bars (not aimed at tourists) on offer, but I can easily say that if I needed to impress a young lady, or if I had some friends in town that I wanted to impress, I would immediately consider bringing them to Prolog. The drinks are delicious, the staff are welcoming and the venue is top notch. Definitely worth a cocktail or 15.


  • +420 775 005 007
  • Nádražní 108, Praha 5
  • Dnes otevřeno do 2:00
  • Website

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