Best 5 Places In Prague To Get A Decent Cup Of Rosy Lee (Tea)

Tea is one of the most important things in the world. I literally cannot function until I’ve had 2 cups in the morning. Here are my favorite places to satisfy your tea needs.

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Getting a good cup of tea in Prague can be a difficult challenge. In every office I’ve worked in so far, the range of tea has been phenomenal; blueberry tea, raspberry tea, Chinese tea with hemp and nettles or carrot and strawberry tea are the types of fanciful hot beverages on offer. A decent Black tea, however, can be hard to come by. But, there are some places you can find with a nice ambience where you can relax, read the newspaper and get a lovely cup of tea.

You could always head to Iceland or Tesco’s and get a nice box of PG Tips or Tetley’s. Alternatively, you could always visit any specialized tea store to choose from a wide selection of black tea such as Darjeeling or Ceylon. But sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting in a café, reading a newspaper, enjoying a nice cuppa and watching the world go by.

Interesting Fact: You should never boil water more than once because as the water temperature increases, the solubility of oxygen decreases. This means that the water has less oxygen in it causing a change for the worse in taste. Some also believe that it can be harmful.

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There are many ways to drink tea; you can add honey, lemon, sugar, cream or any other condiment or style. The only way for me, however, is a black tea with milk and no sugar.

Interesting Fact: People started putting milk in tea to stop their thin china from cracking when the boiling water went in.

Being an Englishman, I’ve certainly experienced a few cups of tea in Prague so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite venues:

  1. Tea Mountain

Křižíkova 488/115, Prague, Czech Republic – Website

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I am not usually a fan of sophistication, as many of my friends will agree, but the teas on offer here are pretty incredible. I usually take just a black tea with milk but after entering this place I was caught up in the incredible smells and decided to try something different. I dot usually try anything different; I’m not a big fan of change really, but this place got me hooked on some Himalayan tea and I recently ordered some for home. I thought I was a bit of an expert on tea because I can tell the difference between a Darjeeling and a Ceylon, but these guys at Tea Mountain really know their stuff. It is well worth a look.

  1. Café Savoy

Vítězná 5, Malá Strana, Prague, Czech Republic – Website

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Café Savoy is a beautiful venue. The best feature of the décor is the Neo-Renaissance ceiling which has an interesting story dating back to the Second World War. To keep the artwork and all the gold out of the hands of Nazi’s, the owners placed a second ceiling below the elaborate one which was uncovered many years later, or so I was told but the staff would explain the story in a more interesting way.

  1. Café Imperial

Na Poříčí 15, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic – Website

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Café Imperial is a fine establishment in a perfect location. The décor is beautifully art deco and the tea is extremely fancy. I often visit here with a friend and he very highly rates the coffee and the espresso. The service is top notch and the staff are all extremely well versed in the art making a good cup of tea.

  1. Café Boutique

Minská 775/4, Prague, Czech Republic – Website

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Café Boutique is a fairly new venue as it only opened in the New Year and it gets a mention in the list because my friend runs the place. The staff here are absolutely superb and are always smiling, come rain, sun or snow. The tea is delicious, as are the cakes on offer and the prices are extremely reasonable.

  1. Café Louvre

Národní 22, Prague, Czech Republic – Website

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Café Louvre is one of my favourite places in Prague. You can smoke at one end of the room, for another few months at least, and you can play pool (billiards) on some fantastic tables. You can read an English newspaper, even if it is the Guardian, and tea is superb. My favorite tea on offer here is the Ceylon and it comes in a very nice pot which will give you at least 2 cups. It isn’t the cheapest place on the list, but for the overall experience I would say that Louvre is my favourite tea venue.

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