Prague Geezer Restaurant Review: Le Grill, Grand Mark Hotel

Being a gentleman of style and sophistication, I decided to take my significant other for a very special meal at the Grand Mark Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic.

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I did have high hopes for the restaurant, given the five star hotel rating, exquisite menu and classy look of the venue. The theme of Le Grill restaurant is described as Modern Bohemian and whilst Czech food can often be heavy and pork-based, this menu looked sophisticated, light and classy.


Right in the center of the city, the Grand Mark Hotel could not have a better location. You are within walking distance from Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square and a host of theatres and bars to entertain you during your stay in Prague. If you already live here, then public transport is the best way to get you to and from the hotel and it is easily navigated from the nearby stops.


Just a quick glance at the front of the building and you realize that you are in for a treat. Of course, a man like me goes to many fine establishments like this and I expected nothing less than perfection, which is exactly what we received in our Grand Mark experience. The friendly, smartly-attired doorman opened the glass doors for us and escorted us into the gorgeous dining room. Our coats were taken and we were shown to our seat and presented with menus by the super polite staff.



For some people, fine dining is all about the overall experience. The wine, the venue and the ambience will all factor into your judgment of the experience, but for me, it’s all about the food. I was initially worried that the chef would neatly rest a few capers and a sniff of beef on my plate and drizzle a little sauce over the top but the plates were of perfectly filling proportions.

For starters, I chose the Smoked Trout with marinated turnip, tapioca and apple. Whilst it wasn’t my favourite of the 3 courses, it went down very well and prepared me nicely for the main course. My partner chose the game pate with raspberry, pickled onions and mixed Salad; in all honesty I wish I’d chosen this dish as it was beautifully presented and tasted delightful.



The main course arrived soon after the starters had departed and I was immediately impressed with the presentation. It wasn’t too fancy as to take away from the fact that it was food, but the plate looked sublimely decorated. I chose the Beef Terrine option and my partner had the Wild Boar Cheeks. Both meals were cooked to perfection and were rich in texture and flavor. I even ate the tiny sprouts on offer as they were super tasty and that is a rare event for me. For lack of a better compliment, the food was magical.



I have never been a huge lover of dessert but this was an experience in itself. I went for the conservative option with a gorgeous chocolate brownie. It sounded simple but it caught my eye at the start and I followed through. It included coconut, pineapple and ice cream and it was very special. My partner, as she had all evening, went one better and ordered the hot chocolate Callebaut with Grand Marnier. The waiter poured the sauce onto the ball and it melted away to reveal the ice cream treat inside. Amazing food and a wonderful experience all-round.



It wasn’t bad at all to be entirely honest. Most people know that if you avoid the tourist traps, Prague is a cheap city to live and work in. Located in tourist town, I was worried that Le Grill would adopt tourist prices and charge through the roof but the experience was quite the opposite. In London you would certainly pay several times what the Grand Mark charge for such an excellent experience.


If you want to impress a date and you aren’t a millionaire, you can’t do better than Le Grill at The Grand Mark Prague. If you want to impress your family and you aren’t a millionaire, you can’t do better than Le Grill at The Grand Mark Prague. Le Grill is a master class of a restaurant without the associated prices.

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The experience is luxurious and the food is remarkable. One of the best indicators of a restaurant experience is your personal thoughts and feelings after you leave the premises. After leaving Le Grill I immediately thought that I’d bring my parents to the restaurant when they visit Prague in a few weeks’ time and my feelings were of contentedness. Overall I would give The Grand Mark, top marks for an immense culinary experience. I would recommend this to all.

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