Find Your Dream Job In Prague

If you’ve recently moved to Prague, or are thinking of doing so, you might want to have a look at the job market. Fortunately for you, unemployment is very low and Czech language isn’t always needed.


Prague is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant and lively cities in Europe. It is a city with more theatre seats than people, more beer than water and more fun than almost anywhere else. Whether you are travelling across Europe or settling to stay, you will absolutely love life in Prague.

After the initial fun has simmered down though, you are going to need funds to continue your Prague enjoyment and fortunately for you, Prague is a growing city with lots of jobs in different sectors. The unemployment rate in Prague is extremely low compared to other European countries so recruiters will often move quickly to secure your signature.

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First you should decide what you want to do:

When I moved to Prague I had limited professional experience. I’d worked in the British Army for 7 years, venue management at the London Olympics then an investment bank in London for 6 months before I took the plunge and moved to Prague.

I wasn’t fully aware of the possibilities so I took the first job I could find that would accept me and this happened to be a well-known call center called ICON. The work I was contracted to do was telesales and it wasn’t really my ideal job; mainly because I’m not very good at selling things. I did, however, earn enough to get by and within the 3 month probation period I found a position working with customer support in another company.

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After a year in this position I decided to move into something else and joined a bigger company to work in IT support; my career had gone upwards since then. The point is that you don’t often know where you want to go, but you should have an idea of what you like to do. I didn’t like selling, but I didn’t mind speaking to people over the phone. Customer support was well suited to me and there are many jobs in Prague that pay a ‘livable’ wage on customer support.

Customer support jobs aren’t the only roles in Prague as you will see from the main websites but many jobs here will require certain skills such as languages. French, Dutch and German language speakers are sought after and can expect to earn a little more than English-only speakers.

You could always go into English teaching, as many expats do, but the work isn’t always guaranteed and the money isn’t always brilliant. It is, however, a trade that you can apply anywhere as people are always looking to improve their English skills and you can move quickly and earn extra cash if needed.

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Whichever field you would like to choose or develop yourself in, Prague has something for everyone. IT jobs are extremely common and they do take people with limited or no experience. Customer service is big here, as is sales, HR and accounting.

Where to find them:

Prague has a host of job opportunities for people without Czech language skills or relevant experiences, and you can find job listings on several sites. The big companies in Prague recruit from both their own websites and also the job portals that advertise roles.

Prague TV

Prague TV is a really decent site that has many of the latest listings online. They recruit for a whole range of companies including many multinational corporations where the big opportunities can appear. When looking for a job, either for your first job or even a change in profession, it is well worth having a look on here.

I actually found my first 2 jobs on the popular expat website,, and I often have a quick peruse to see if any further opportunities are present. The site has up-to-date listings and specializes in various fields. The site is easily navigated and well maintained.

This site is very good but it doesn’t have an English version and your Google translator in Chrome can provide some funny results. The site does include many decent positions, especially if you speak Czech.


These guys specialize in IT jobs, so you might find something great if you are a software developer, but you won’t find a great deal of junior positions on the site.


Hays are a specialized recruitment company and have plenty of offerings on their website. If you submit your CV, they should call you in for an interview with them and they will discuss the possibilities.

Have a good CV

I didn’t really have great grades or qualifications to speak of, so I created a CV that was based around work ethic, teamwork, reliability and discipline. These are traits that are automatically associated with the Army and emphasizing these on your CV will stand you in better stead when an employer reviews CVs.

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Try using the following power phrases:

  • Proven track record of navigating difficult scenarios and situations.
  • Ability to assimilate large amounts of information and make informed decisions.
  • Disciplined, ambitious and target driven.

Here are some tips I created on how to nail a job interview

Don’t give up

Even though you shouldn’t struggle to secure a job in Prague, it might not always be the job you want. That shouldn’t deter you from reaching for the stars, but don’t turn your nose up at opportunities when they come. If you get a lower position in a corporation, it might be the chance you need to work hard, impress your superiors and move through the ranks. These things often take time.

Similarly, you might be looking for a while and not have a great deal of luck. Don’t be disappointed as it happens to everyone at some point. Keep your chin up, stay positive and focused.

I wish you the best of luck in finding your dream job.

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