It aint easy being a surfer in Prague..

It aint easy being a surfer in Prague, what with the country being landlocked and all. The closest we have to a beach is Žluté lázně and whilst this place is lovely during the summer, you don’t exactly get the sea breeze rippling through your hair and the waves lapping your feet. There is, however, an opportunity to fulfill at least some of your surfing needs in Prague at Surf Arena. Surf Arena is an artificially created environment that everybody can enjoy; long hair, chiseled abs and a suntan not required. They have excellent instructors and supervisors, so anybody can come and have a go, and you don’t even need to wait for that killer-wave before you get surfing.

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The Experience:

When you get started, the instructors will show you exactly what to do. You get all the training and they will assist you from the beginning so that you don’t fall in the water every 15 seconds. The event is perfect for corporate parties, stag and hen parties, birthday parties or just a family trip. Whilst not surfing, you can always enjoy the excellent food and drink on offer. Book Here.

What They Say:

The indoor surfing simulator is an attraction just in between sport and family or social entertainment. Advanced technology makes it possible to experience feelings known from surfing even very far from the ocean, but you can also experience many other things which you cannot in the ocean. The water stream is driven with great speed on soft bottom layer in sophisticatedly shaped pool and it enables riding on a special board. The easiest ride is in lying position on your belly or on your knees, so called body boarding, with which you usually start and which offers the possibility to perform a great deal of funny tricks. When surfing in standing position it is possible to perform not only turns and classical manoeuvres but also more complicated tricks such as saltos or flips. Surf Arena is suitable for general public and under the leadership of experienced instructor it is really possible for everybody to try surfing here without worries. In the world there are hundreds of similar facilities and they are getting more and more popular. Indoor surfing became independent attractive sport, in which popular competitions and exhibitions are organized.


Who Can Get Involved?

Absolutely anybody can get involved. The staff caters for children of all ages and has specialized lessons for the youngsters to get them interested in surfing and grow their sea legs. All the kit and equipment is available on site, so just bring what you would normally take with you to the swimming pool and you will be just fine. The experience usually lasts around 2 hours, and book in advance as they get pretty busy!

And Maybe One Day:

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Where Is It?

Surf Arena Praha
Tupolevova 772
199 00 Praha 9 – Letňany

Underground Letňany – underground station, line C

Bus – bus stop Tupolevova

LINE – 110, 140, 195, 201, 269, 351, 377