8 Iconic Men’s Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Fashion

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Hairstyles come and go, usually depending on what the celebrities are sporting and what movies are out, but some Iconic styles last the duration. Here are 8 hairstyles that look cool, don’t take too much maintenance and will keep you looking smart, whatever the latest trend happens to be.

  1. The Buzz Cut

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The Buzz Cut tends to appear more often when military fashion is in, but it has always been popular due to the lack of maintenance needed. It should be done at the barbers, with good clippers and you can add a fade on the back and sides to make it a little more interesting.

This often suits guys that are thinning on top, and can be partnered with a bit of stubble for the effortlessly cool look. Minimum maintenance required, although you should visit the barber monthly for a trim, or get your (trustworthy) partner to keep it looking sharp.

  1. The Side Sweep

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As a mark of its longevity, his look was born in the 50’s, when being a well-dressed rebel was basically the law. Not a great deal of work with this chop, but it does look super smart. This chop is better for guys with thick or wavy hair.

  1. The Long Cut

You can really make the most of a thick head of hair with this cut. As it grows, you also won’t need to make too many trips to the barber shop. Best for straighter hair, ask for it slightly shorter on the crown so that you don’t get any bumps when you sweep it backwards.

  1. The Crop

The Crop is a classic look that suits gentlemen and guys that want to look smart, but don’t want to spend too much time messing and fussing. It is a scissor cut with a slight fade on the back and sides to make it look swanky. Works better on guys with straighter, thicker hair, although it is a versatile cut and can suit most guys.

  1. The Slick Back

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The Slick Back has been with us since the 1920’s and has been sported by movie stars, businessmen and well, sports stars alike. It is extremely versatile and compliments most face shapes, and men of any age. In essence, it’s a classic short back and sides with an accentuated side parting. The top is longer and styled into a quiff. Works well with finer hair as thicker hair means more product is needed.

  1. The Side Parting

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The side parting is probably one of the most well-known haircuts in the world and I am sure that most guys have tried it at least once in their life. Leonardo di Caprio is a big supporter of this one, and it actually goes back to the 1800’s where it was forged in the military. Works best with a smooth head of hair, just ask the barbers for a side parting and he will do the rest. Minimum maintenance and minimum fuss with maximum effect.

  1. The Caesar Cut

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This is a nifty trick to mask thinning or receding hair as it brings the fringe forward ever so slightly in order to frame the face. It takes its name from, well, Caesar the Roman Emporer and not the chicken salad. Ask for an all scissored cut, slightly shorter on the back and sides, to add some contrast. The top should be choppy and textured. This is best for those with finer/thinning hair and receding hairlines, as it helps to draw attention away from the things which make people feel less comfortable.

  1. The Quiff

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Think Danny Zucko from Grease Lightening. The quiff came from aristocrats and pompadours in the 18th century, through to people like Elvis who modernized the look. A quiff is when the front section of the hair is raised high above the brow, giving height to a look. Keep the length on top of the hair – the back and sides can be short and tapered up, or they can be longer and scissor cut depending on what you want. This is better for shorter faces, as the quiff can elongate the face a little. It does take extra care and maintenance to keep it looking fresh.

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