5 Czech Beauties Guaranteed To Brighten Up Your Instagram Feed

I was pretty slow on the uptake but I’ve recently discovered the fascinating world of Instagram and the people who live within it. At first I thought it would be pretty boring and senseless, especially when all this stuff is already on Facebook, but it is strangely fascinating to watch other people display their lives for likes.

So I will openly admit that this article isn’t intended to challenge for a Pulitzer and you can barely call it journalism, but that is not the point! The point is that I’ve found 5 Czech ladies who I think that most guys, and girls, will agree are pretty special and given the cold weather outside, will possibly raise temperatures a little. Czech these ladies out, I mean Check them out. The names link to the Instagram Profile.

  1. Tereza Maxová

Tereza Maxová is a proud Czech lady and a former model who also started a foundation which takes care of abandoned children; a very noble cause indeed. She posts images of her home life as a wife and mother of 3, modelling pictures and pictures of her work. She always has something interesting to show the world which is always well appreciated by her fans.



  1. Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova is not just a Czech beauty; she also does charity work and even set up her own organization to help those less fortunate. When she isn’t saving the world, Petra seems to like nothing more than to swan around on beaches and by pools, which is something we shall not complain about.


  1. Andrea Bezdekova

Andrea Bezdekova was Česká Miss 2016, or Miss Czech Republic 2016, and from what we see on her Instagram feed, she was a worthy winner. She’s seems sporty, she seems to like pineapples and she likes wearing nice clothes; things we can all agree are superb and worthy of our Instagram feed.



  1. Karolina Kurkova

In her introduction, Karolina describes herself as a Super-Model Mom, TV Personality, and Woman. Into Fashion, Beauty, Health & all about family fun together and good food. We definitely agree that she is a woman, and we certainly cant get enough of her motivational messages mixed in with modelling pics.


  1. Michaela Habanova

Michaela Habanova was the deserved winner of Česká Miss 2017, or Miss Czech Republic 2017. Judging from her posts, she spends much of her time modelling and meeting other Czech celebs which is certainly something we can’t complain about. She is a lovely young lady and well worthy of a ‘follow’ on Instagram.




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