Stop the immigrants and Drahoš – Zeman Ads Give Cause For Concern

The Friends of Miloš Zeman Association have decided that the best form of advertising is attacking immigrants and his opponent, Jiri Drahoš.

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The Czech Republic is not immune from the lies and false truths that signify politics in the 21st century. Zeman has been hit by recent rumors on social media, stating that he was in the secret Communist police force, he has pedophilic tendencies and is weeks from death from his various illnesses. Whilst he doesn’t look too healthy on public appearances, and is usually drunk, none of those rumors have any evidence or proof.

To fight back at these rumors, The Friends of Miloš Zeman Friends Association have run an advert that is eloquently titled: Stop the immigrants and Drahoš. The ad claims that Drahoš will accept the EU migrant quotas and that waves of homeless, jobless immigrants will come to the Czech Republic.


Drahos responded to the ad:

“I was expecting this type of lies and disinformation. It’s a common slander. I agree with controlled immigration. None of us want uncontrollable waves of immigrants here in the Czech Republic.”

This would not be the first time a slanderous advert from Zeman and his cronies has appeared in the press. In the last election 5 years ago, the main opponent of Zeman, Karel Schwarzenberg, was accused of trying to return land and property to the decedents of Nazi war criminals. His family were also implicated in this baseless rumor which ran in the newspapers and accused them of being Nazi sympathizers.


Usually, I try to be fairly impartial in my description of Czech politics, and I always try to look at the decisions and views of politicians objectively. But, when you see something like this, especially as a foreigner who has lived and worked and contributed to the Czech economy and culture, it’s pretty tough to remain neutral.

The halfwits who wrote this ad must be extremely proud of themselves. When coming up with this charming slogan, I imagine a room full of old men drinking beer and smoking at 9AM talking about what they hate; immigrants and Jiri Drahoš. One looks up; ‘I have it! Stop immigrants and Drahoš’ and they all cheer and get drunk.

Czech politics needs a change.

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In all seriousness, I do feel that Czech politics needs to change. You might look at me as a British person living in Prague and wonder what it has to do with me; if the morons in the British government get their way, I might be shipped back to London after Brexit anyway. But looking at this from an outside perspective, I see some rather untrustworthy characters gaining influence in a country that, in truth, hasn’t been democratic for all that long. Babis, Okamura, Zeman and Co are among a group of corrupt group of populist individuals, preying on the fears of the population and using their influence only to increase their own power and ego, and lining their pockets whilst they’re at it.

Just to remember, this is the guy that represents the Czech Republic to the rest of the world…

Don’t ask me how to change it, but something needs to change..

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