New Spider Species Found In Czech Republic

Arachnophobes beware; a new species of spider has been discovered in the Czech Republic.


Located in the sparse oak forests in the warmer regions of South Moravia and Eastern Bohemia, the šestiočky vidlozubé, which translates as the six-eyed tooth-tooth, was discovered and confirmed by Milan Řezáč. Its Latin name is Dysdera cechica.


Despite the news of the discovery, the discoverer admitted that the spider is in severe danger as the policies regarding logging and conservation activities are threatening its survival. The spider is thought to have an interesting tactic for hunting beetles and armored insects, where it grips and pierces the soft underbelly.

Female spiders often consume the male spider after reproduction (nature is a wonderful place) but this behavior has not yet been seen. The spider has six-eyed relatives across rural regions in Europe, including northern Italy, southern France and northeastern Spain.

Image result for spider meme

You shouldn’t find any lurking under your bed if you are tucked up in bed in Prague, so you have no need to panic just yet. In any case, spiders are the good guys, as they eat the smaller bugs that we hate so much!

Image result for spider meme


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