Valentine’s Day In Prague: 5 Unique Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have someone this Valentine’s Day, you should treat them to a special evening. If not, at least you’ll save yourself some money.

You could always opt for a nice meal and a bunch of flowers, but it’s a bit 1990’s right? So why not push the boat out and do something unique, fun adventurous and memorable.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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The Royal Theatre & Club Chic held the same event last year and it proved so popular they decided to bring it back. The premise is pretty simple really; you watch a classic romantic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with a bottle of Prosecco or Coca Cola if you’re the designated driver. The movie is a classic, the venue is very pretty and your partner will love the extra effort you’ve gone to.

Daniel Pešta: DeTermination

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If your Valentine is the artistic, pretentious type, then you can do no better than Dox. Dox is a superb venue where artists create strange sculptures that apparently have several different metaphors and meanings, but you’re not allowed to know what they are.

For this particular exhibit, you can read more:

His video art, paintings and objects focus on the individual and his helplessness to resist his own fate or, on the contrary, depict the destructive power of an anonymous society. Daniel Pešta opted for the icon of his DeTermination show, choosing a two-headed, tele-torn, compassionate creature, sometimes mocking and perhaps resenting his pet animal pedestal on the absurdity of the inevitable recurrences of man-made disasters.

Don’t ask me what that’s all about, but the arty types love it.

Indoor Rock Climbing

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Can you imagine anything better than climbing up a giant wall, using a few knobbly bits as grips, reaching the top and then climbing back down? I can, but some adventurous people like this sort of stuff and if your significant other likes an adventure, get her, or him, up one of these walls: Climbing wall list.

Palac Akropolis: Circus Fun

Image result for cirkopolis

Another one for the arty types, this circus is for anyone who enjoys skinny people gyrating in leotards and swinging around on ropes. Not my thing, but some people love it. Here is the website.

A contemporary circus festival with elements of contemporary dance, physical, visual theater and contemporary music scene genres. Every year the festival hosts several interesting and progressive foreign groups, workshops with foreign lecturers and other accompanying program. The festival is organized by Palac Akropolis together with CIRQUEON – the center for contemporary circus.

Ice Skating

Image result for romantic ice skating

Ice skating is good because you don’t have to be too sporty to look alright doing it. If you have at least a little bit of a sense of balance, you can soon master the basic and go round in circles at a leisurely balance. As an added bonus, you get to hold her hand if she’s a bit wobbly and you’ll look like they do in the movies, unless you end up in hospital with a broken arm.

The Classic – Decent meal and a bottle of wine


If you are a classic couple and you prefer a sit down and a decent chat, then why not take her to Kampa Park Restaurant. It’s a little pricey, but Valentine’s Day only happens once a year and the view is so nice you can watch the swans whilst she bangs on about the least famous Kardashian having another baby, whatever a Kardashian is.


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