Best Irish Pubs In Prague – 2018

Prague, like most major European cities, has no shortage of authentic Irish pubs and bars, but which is the best Irish pub to visit in Prague in 2018?

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We decided to judge the Irish pubs of Prague on the factors that usually make a pub experience enjoyable; food and drink quality, service, atmosphere, entertainment and price of the excursion. So below you will find the top 5 in our list for the year 2018.

This list usually leads to some heated discussions and whilst some people prefer some pubs more than others, this is just the opinion of the editors of The Prague Geezer. Check us out on Facebook and feel free to add your opinions in the comments.

The List:

  1. The Dubliner

This was a 3-way race between The Dubliner, O’Che’s and Caffrey’s but I had to give it to Dubliner. The venue looks great when you walk in and because of the size of the place, you don’t usually have trouble finding a seat. They have reasonable food and drink choices, although you will pay a little extra because the bar has a great location in the center of tourist town.

They have all the sports you might imagine and they even advertise the games they will show in their website, which I actually like because there’s always a risk that the game you want to see might not be on the television.

I don’t like the tourist warning on the website, which makes Prague seem like the crime capital of Europe, even if much of the advice is somewhat good advice. They keep talking about pickpockets and currency inspectors which, fortunately for me, I’ve never had any experience with, although you should, obviously, always keep your wits about you when travelling to any city in the world.

  1. Becketts Irish Pub and Restaurant

Image result for becketts prague

Becketts is a decent venue with reasonable beer and tasty food. It isn’t a bar I frequently visit, although I know friends that do and they tell me it is up there with the best in terms of price, service, ambience and product quality. These are the main categories I look for when deciding on the order of the list.

There is just something about the place that doesn’t feel authentically Irish to me. Maybe it’s the new tables that don’t wobble when you put a pint down or the chrome finish along the bar, but it does lack a little bit of authenticity that the other Irish bars have, in my humble opinion.


It’s a good place to hang out and take a few beers with friends, but unless you go on Paddy’s Day,it doesn’t always have the loudest or most authentic vibe in Prague.

  1. Rocky O’Reilly’s

Image result for the dubliner prague

Rocky O’Reilly’s is a trademark of Prague. It has a nice great central location, big televisions for all your sporting needs, and of course, beer and food. The staff are attentive, often despite the pressure they’re under on match-day, and the atmosphere is usually very interesting.


Simultaneously the best and worst thing about Rocky O’Reilly’s is the atmosphere. It is often, not always, full of stag parties and drunken Irish and British men getting boisterous, naked and pouring alcohol over each other whilst incoherently singing anti-Tottenham songs, or such like. This can either be fun and entertaining, or terrifying and unwelcome, depending on your mood, your intentions and your company.

The venue has a large projector for the important games and they do play most major sports and competitions, especially when the rugby is on and you get a great atmosphere if you can find a decent table. It is slightly on the pricier side, with 79kc the going rate for a Staropramen, but it certainly isn’t the most expensive around.

  1. J.J Murphy’s

Image result for jj murphy's prague

J.J Murphy’s was my winner last year, but the pub has been usurped by my new favourite, James Joyce.

J.J Murphy’s has a decent location close to the castle, and is to my knowledge, the only Irish bar north of the Vltava. The bar is authentic looking, has decent staff and all the major sports on the television.

The food in JJ’s was a little better the last time I judged these bars and there has been some management changes in the past few years which have contributed to, in my opinion, a slight decline in it’s standards. It also seems to me that many of the regular clientele now frequent other establishments, which is a shame because it is always nice to pop into a pub and see some familiar faces.

Related image

That being said, the bar will always have a soft spot with me and you can still have a more than enjoyable night in J.J Murphy’s. They often have live music and the bar is in a great location if you live, or if you’re staying, north of the river.

  1. James Joyce

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling

James Joyce for me is the worthy winner of the Prague Geezer Irish Pub of The Year. If we look at the service from the expert bar staff, the entertainment with the quiz, sports and music, the atmosphere, food and drink quality and the price, James Joyce wins this year’s award hands down.

In my honest opinion, James Joyce has improved drastically over the past few years and is now my go-to sports bar for rugby, football and a decent Sunday roast dinner. The Sunday roast is expertly crafted and this is definitely one of the best places to go in Prague if you are partial to a nice Sunday roast. On any other day of the week you might choose from a wide variety of dishes and from what I’ve tried, I’ve absolutely no complaints.

The venue is authentic, cozy and warm and whilst you might struggle to get a table during a popular rugby match, you’ll always be guaranteed a decent day out which usually leads into the evening. Reserve a table beforehand and you have nothing to worry about.

Image may contain: people sitting, food and indoor

Given the location of James Joyce, the prices are pretty good and whilst some locals might scoff at paying 55Kc for a Gambrinus ‘because it’s cheaper at my local’ you won’t get the atmosphere, the sports and the terrific day that you can have in the James Joyce.

I heartily recommend a visit to James Joyce, especially on a Monday evening when they have a pub quiz, Saturday for the football or Sunday for the roast dinner.

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