7 Days, 7 Bars in Prague, Czech Republic

With so many establishments to choose from, its sometimes difficult to decide where to drink in Prague. To make it slightly easier, we’ve made a 7 day drinking schedule with a slightly different theme each day.

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Unless others decide for you, it’s sometimes difficult to choose a venue to frequent with such a wide selection of pubs, bars and clubs available, so we’ve created a 7 day drinking session with a slightly different theme each day. This is by no means a list of the best venues in the city, but it could be a helpful guide if you’re stuck without a place to go. And yes, we’ve done this routine and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We wouldn’t be hypocritical and preach about drinking responsibly, but we do suggest keeping your wits about you, as you should everywhere.

The week in bars:

Thursday: The One Before The Big One

They say Thursday is ‘little Friday’ and the end of the working day means that you have just one more day to push before the weekend starts. It’s not quite time to let loose just yet, but you can still enjoy yourself with a few beers in preparation for the upcoming weekend.

Suggested Venue: Lokal Hamburk, Karlin

Image result for lokal hamburk

Image result for lokal hamburk

Lokal is a decent chain of pubs that offer cheap beer and Czech food. They usually follow the same principle but my favourite has to be Lokal Hamburk. It gets a pretty decent crowd from the local offices who crowd in after the close of play in their workplaces. It does get pretty busy for a period of about 4 hours in the evening, so book a table to ensure you and your friends fit in.


Friday: The Big One

For centuries, men have toiled in the fields so that when the work is done and the fields are ploughed, they can relax with one hand on their beer belly and the other holding a jug of foamy ale. The vast majority of us no longer work in fields, but we’ve toiled nonetheless so it’s time to let loose. Friday night is party night and it’s your opportunity to paint the town red, whilst behaving yourself, of course.

Suggested Venue: Lucerna Café then onto Lucerna Nightclub

Image result for lucerna club

Image result for lucerna nightclub

With the end destination in mind, hit Lucerna Café on a Friday night after work and enjoy the chilled atmosphere with friends. They have decent food if you’re hungry, but some people will say that ‘eating is cheating’ and beer has all the vitamins you need.

Once it hits a reasonable hour and you’ve put away enough beers to lose some inhibitions, head next door to the infamous Lucerna nightclub. Sure, the 80’s and 90’s music maybe cheesy and the clientele are usually as drunk as you are, but it’s all fun and games and, from what I’ve seen, it’s a safe environment. Talk to strangers, tell lies, dance like you don’t have a care in the world and make a fool of yourself; after all, no great story starts with “This one time, I was at home eating a salad”.


Saturday: The Sporty One

Saturday is reserved for sports, unless it’s one of those barren few months between football seasons where women own the world and men lose the will to go on. So when I say sporty one, I don’t actually mean you’ll be doing any sports, but you can watch some people getting sporty.

Suggested Venue: James Joyce Irish pub

Image result for james joyce prague

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James Joyce was recently crowned the Prague Geezer Irish pub of the year and it is a smashing venue. You can watch the major sports of your choice and then have a laugh with your friends. For many, the Saturday night won’t end here, but because of the location, you are in the dead center of the city and just a short walk from some awesome pubs and clubs that won’t close until you want them to


Sunday: The Alternative One

Sunday should be spent with the family and having a huge Sunday Roast Dinner. If your family aren’t around, however, its probably worth heading out for a night out once the hangover from Saturday has subsided. Why not change things up a bit and go a bit alternative for the evening. You could always check what gigs and bands are playing, or head to Vzorkovna where you’re guaranteed to see something interesting

Suggested Venue: Vzorkovna

Image result for vzorkovna prague

You might not get the best service in this place, but what it lacks in service, it more than makes up for in uniqueness. The bar is dark and mysterious and usually has live music acts of varying degrees of quality. I describe it as Cross Club without the craziness and mosh pits. Beer is cheap and good, location is super; just make sure you book Home Office for the Monday morning.


Monday: The Chilled One

So you didn’t just struggle through Monday, you owned it. Those reports were handed in on time, someone complimented you on your hair and you had a huge healthy salad for lunch. Maybe not; maybe you called in a ‘home office’ and turned your laptop on before going back to sleep for the morning. In any case, time for a chilled out drink with friends to put you back on the plateau.

Suggested Venue: Blah Blah Bar

Image result for blah blah bar prague

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Blah Blah Bar is a decent bar with a central location and cozy interior. It’s not a venue where you will drink until you drop, but the cocktails and drinks menu is extensive and very classy. The bar often has brilliant live music, so check the website before you go.

Top Tip: mention Prague Geezer when you reserve a table online and you get 10% off your bill – Every little helps!


Tuesday: The Fancy One

There’s an old Chinese proverb that roughly translates to “Man who drink Long Island Iced Tea on Monday, feel pain on Wednesday” and whilst this might be true, we’re only here once right? So we might as well enjoy ourselves.

Suggested Venue: Hemingway Cocktail Bar

Image result for hemingway bar prague

Image result for hemingway bar prague

Hemingway is a pretty swanky cocktail bar, that isn’t completely over-the-top and can be enjoyed without a 1920’s style Bugsy Malone outfit. The bar has been around forever, and does get pretty busy so it might be worth booking in advance.

An enterprise inspired by Ernest Hemingway, a famous patron of bars who lent his name to more than a few cocktails. He famously improved many recipes, which is why bars throughout the world today prepare cocktails such as the Hemingway Daiquiri and his Papa Doble. People associate his bar life exclusively with Cuba, but this is incorrect!


Wednesday: The Challenging One

You’re 3 fifths of the way through the week and you should celebrate this fact by challenging yourself. You could always go and do some sports and stuff, but what’s the point of being a healthy old person if your mental health has declined. Keep your mental stimulation going with a pub quiz and win prizes if you can answer more questions than the other teams.

Suggested Venue: The Globe

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Image result for the globe prague pub quiz

James Joyce has a decent pub quiz on Monday, but The Globe has a great quiz every Wednesday. As you might imagine, it gets pretty busy so you should book in advance and bring your thinking cap. The beer isn’t going to win any awards, but it’s not too bad and they have all the other drinks you might expect from your standard bar.

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