Warmer Prague Temperatures Expected This Weekend

The recent cold snap in the Czech Republic is set to break this weekend, with temperatures to return positive figures in most parts of the country.

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The recent temperature drops have been pretty severe, with 16 degrees below zero recorded in Prague and worse in other areas of the country. The temperatures are set to rise this coming weekend, with 10 degrees Celsius predicted in the capital. The temperature jump will occur as the cold fronts change direction a warm southerly front moves in. The meeting of front could also bring about some wet weather, in many areas of Bohemia.

“Even though the meteorological spring started on Thursday, the current temperatures are 12 degrees below long-term averages. Temperature records fell again in many places, and temperatures dropped well below -20 degrees Celsius.” – Dagmar Hons of Meteopress.

Friday is still expected to be in the minuses, with the worst of the conditions expected in Moravia, as well as snow and heavy frost. During the day cloud clover will increase in the Czech Republic and the highest temperatures will reach -7 to -3 degrees, in the east the temperatures will be between -5 and -9 degrees.

More snow is expected on Saturday morning in Moravia, with grey skies likely in Bohemia, although the temperatures should rise in the afternoon, possibly reaching the dizzying heights of 4 degrees above freezing.

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The cloudy weather continues into Sunday in Bohemia, meaning the temperature could reach 10 degrees in some parts, including Prague.

The news is a welcome break for Czechs, who have endured some pretty cold weather of late, arriving much later than it usually does. It did not help that the cold snap came just as a serious epidemic of influenza has been causing havoc around the country.

The UK is also getting hit pretty hard at the minute, with Storm Emma joining The Beast from The East; yes, the Brits love to name their storms.

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This morning the Met Office forecast blizzard conditions in a red warning – the first snow alert of that severity issued in England since 2011 – running from 3pm today until 2am tomorrow. On what is technically the first day of Spring wintry showers are expected to arrive bringing 2ft of snow, as the northern Beast from the East collides with Storm Emma to batter shivering Brits. People hoping to jet away from the colder climate may be left disappointed as flights have been delayed and cancelled from UK airports – with Ryanair cancelling all flights to and from East Midlands, Leeds Bradford, Edinburgh and Glasgow.


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