The UK Is Officially Overweight – Second Heaviest In Europe

An intensive new study by Forza Supplements looked at 10 countries from around the world and found that only Australia and the US have a higher average weight than British men.


Lower Life Expectancy

The extra weight carried by Brits and Americans also has a proven detrimental effect on life quality and life expectancy, shown by the fact that men in the US can expect to die 4 years earlier than those in Japan and Australia. The new study by Forza Supplements also looked at height and found that, perhaps unsurprisingly, Dutch men (6ft) are, on average, 5 inches taller than men from Japan.

Official figures reveal that, on average, men over the age of 18 from across Great Britain tip the scales at 13st 3lb (84kg). Only Americans, who weigh just over 14st (88.9kg) and Australians, around the 13st 5lbs (85.9kg) mark, are heavier than the Brits.

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Whilst this study shows the average weight of each man, it doesn’t pinpoint how many men are actually clinically obese and at threat from weight-related diseases.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development figures already show the UK has the second worst obesity rates in Europe – behind just Hungary. The study shows that around half of British adults are overweight, with almost 27% of people in the UK classed as dangerously obese. These are staggering statistics, given that one in every 11 deaths in the UK is now linked to carrying excess fat – 50 per cent more than the rate in France.


The figures, compiled today by Forza Supplements, add to the body of evidence that highlights the worrying obesity epidemic in the UK. The new report, using official data from the health boards of 10 countries, confirms the problem – and found men in the UK to be heavier than those in the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Italy, France and Spain. Spanish men weigh the least at 11st 11lbs (74.8kg).

The troublesome statistics also showed a stark difference in life expectancy, with men in the United States expected to die four years earlier than men living in other countries. American men, on average, can expect to reach 76.9 years old – which experts have repeatedly blamed on the growing obesity epidemic. In stark contrast, life expectancy is 80.9 in both Japan and Australia – despite the latter also having a problem with obesity.

Italy, famous for its healthy Mediterranean diet, topped the European life expectancy charts at 80.5 years old. In terms of height, the data also revealed how the Dutch are the tallest – standing at 6ft (182cm), on average.

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‘One in four British men is now obese and obesity levels have trebled in the last 50 years. On current estimates, more than half the population could be obese by 2050. We are clearly heading the same way as the US where the average man now weighs 14st for the first time in its history. Despite being one of the world’s richest nations, life expectancy in the US is lower than in many countries and the obesity epidemic is a big factor.”

Last month, the World Obesity Forum predicted that unless effective action is taken, the cost of treating ill health caused by obesity in the UK will rise from $19bn (£14bn) to $31bn per year in 2025.


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