Easter Holiday Store Opening Hours

If you need to take a break from whipping women this Easter and find an open store, here’s a guide to the shops that are open.

I always get seem to get confused on public holidays. Some people tell me the stores are closed so I don’t bother going, then drive past and see them open. Other times I head out and they’re all closed. So here’s the definitive list of opening and closing times for Czech stores this Easter.

The Law:

Stores with an area of ​​over 200 m² must be closed on Easter Monday. They are, however, allowed to open at the owner’s discretion on Good Friday. This law came into effect in July 2016 and forces larger stores to close on 6 public holidays throughout the year.

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The following dates are holidays when the stores with the area above 200 m² must be closed:

January 1st – New Years Day

Easter Monday

May 8th – Victory Day

September 28th – The Day of Czech Statehood

October 28th – The Day of the Establishment of the Independent Czechoslovak State

December 24th – Open only until 12 o’clock

December 25th – Christmas Day

December 26th – Boxing Day

Stores can be open on the following public holidays:

Good Friday

July 5th – St. Cyril and Methodius’ Day

July 6th – The Day of the Burning of Master Jan Hus

November 17th – Day of the Fight for Freedom and Democracy

December 24th – Open only until 12 o’clock

Opening times for Easter shopping 2018


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Billa stores will be business as usual on Friday 30th March, but closed on Mondat 2nd. There is an exception to the rule on Easter Monday, as the Billa at the main railway station and the airport will be open.


On Good Friday and during the weekend, Lidl will be business as usual, but all stores will be closed on the Monday.


On Good Friday and during the weekend, PennyMarket will be business as usual, but all stores will be closed on the Monday.


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Tesco Hypermarkets with non-stop opening hours or until 24:00 will close at 23:00 on Sunday. Other stores run until Sunday with standard opening hours. Closed on Monday although the petrol stations outside Letňan and Brno Vídeňská remain open.


All other stores should follow the law as above. The larger stores will be closed on Monday, whilst smaller stores may operate at the owners discretion, often with reduced opening times.

Not all politicians are happy about the law and some are calling for it to be overturned. Trade and Tourism Association were especially against the ruling and previously estimated a loss for traders of about CZK 4 billion. A group of senators have filed a constitutional complaint against the law, although no progress has yet been reported.

Some shopping centers have decided that they do not want to open for a few hours, so they will close completely. The law paradoxically will affect some of the smaller traders in some places, which by its nature it should protect.

And if you were wondering about the whipping women bit…

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