The 2018 Prague Beer Marathon

Come and join us in July for the 2018 Prague Beer Marathon

A few years ago I was sat in a Prague beer garden watching the annual Volkswagen Prague marathon. I watched with interest as the sweaty competitors’ streamed past, painfully panting in the hot weather and decided that I wanted to give it a go. I wanted to give it a try, push myself to the edge of my physical capabilities and be proud of something I’d accomplished.

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Exactly one year later, sitting in the pub garden once again, watching the runners go past, again, I thought it’s time to try something different. So I decided to start the Prague Beer Marathon. It’s not like a real marathon, and if you get the route right, it’s not even that far.

The Concept:

12 Pubs around Prague have been given special Prague Beer Marathon beer mats which you will need to collect. You collect a beer mat by buying a drink, of your choice of course. You’ll get a map with all the pubs clearly marked, and your job is to take a drink in all of the bars and head back to the start point.

Bring a beer mat from each pub back and you’ll receive a competition t-shirt, a certificate and the winners will get a trophy and a worthwhile prize.

Work as an individual or in teams. Drink beer. Achieve something.

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Saturday July 7th

Further details to follow and registration will soon be open.

Stay tuned for more details.


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