Logan Boulet: Selfless Act From Canadian Bus Crash Victim Saves 6

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The family of Logan Boulet, a Humboldt Broncos hockey player from Lethbridge, who was badly injured in the fatal bus crash in Canada last Friday, have taken the impossibly difficult decision to turn off their son’s life support.

Selflessly, Logan had become an organ donor when he reached 21 and as per his wishes, the decision to turn off the life support was made only after the doctors had enough time to find patients in need of organ replacements.

Logan Boulet was put on life-support, and his family said Saturday that his organs would be harvested overnight Saturday and that positive matches had been found for six of his organs. The remainder would be donated to science, as per his wishes.

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Logan and his team, the Humboldt Broncos, were on their way to a semi-final game against the Nipawin Hawks when a trailer tragically collided with the bus causing an incident that cost the lives of 15 people and injuring over a dozen more. Ten players and five staff members from the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey team were confirmed to have been killed in the incident.

Logan’s father:

“Despite other media reports today, Logan’s strong heart continues to beat this evening. The final harvesting of Logan’s organs will take place overnight, now that he has positive matches for all organs donated. He is giving new hope to at least six different people. Logan made it clear previously that he signed his donor card as soon as he turned 21. Even in his eventual passing, he will be a selfless hero.”

The incident has caused immense grief in the rural Canadian town of Humboldt, Saskatchewan, who turned out in numbers at the local ice rink for a vigil to pay their respects last night. The Prime Minister also came to show his respect for the fallen members of the team.

It was an immensely selfless decision by Logan to make the pledge of being an organ donor. In doing so, he’s given 6 other people a shot at life and his selfless act should be a reminder to us all to become registered donors. Keep in mind that you have absolutely zero use for your organs after you pass away, but someone laying in a hospital bed somewhere might be in desperate need and running out of time.


Family Friend:

“As with many families across the globe our house is devastated with the news about the Humboldt Broncos. Our great friends, the Boulets have shared more news about their incredible son, (and our godson) Logan! He is a great hero and one of the nicest people you would have been lucky enough to meet. Logan’s strong heart continues to beat, allowing a surgical team from the U of A hospital to travel to Saskatoon for organ transplant procedures. There have been matches made for all vital organs, including a patient set to receive his heart and lungs. All counted, six people will receive the gift of life from Logan. The family will stay with Logan until the surgery begins at around 2:00 am. Logan had made it known, and very clear to his family, that he had signed his organ donor card when he turned 21 just a few weeks ago. Following the organ surgery, his other organs will be donated to science as he requested. These actions alone give voice to the selfless and benevolent nature Logan possessed in life for others, truly taught and fostered by Toby and Bernie. ”

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A tribute to the victims of the incident

I rarely write about international news, as this website is primarily dedicated to the goings on in Prague, Czech Republic, but I read the story of Logan and found myself compelled to honor the selflessness of his actions and the bravery of his family.

Whilst the investigations into the crash will continue, and the families and friends come to terms with the tragedy that has affected their small community, this small piece of positive news should inspire us all to be as selfless as Logan Boulet.


4 thoughts on “Logan Boulet: Selfless Act From Canadian Bus Crash Victim Saves 6

  1. I loved your article and the emotion behind it. The engaging and optimistic in a very sad situation. Tragedies like this and how we react to them show how much of a global family we truly are. From one of the game’s biggest fans, an ex-Swindoner who now lives back home on the Prairie. Peace be with you.


  2. Logan is a here to all that this life we are blessed to have. God’s Angel sent to restore the hope in all mankind to find peace and love for one another as he intended it to be. Logan gave a double hat trick in the game of life and I will never forget this act of love for all he left us. My heart goes out to everyone who lost loved ones. May God guide you and comfort you through this difficult time


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