Prague Tragedy In IP Pavlova: 2 Pedestrians Killed

Tragedy struck the busy neighborhood of IP Pavlova earlier, as a tram hit and killed 2 pedestrians. Emergency services were quick on the scene but unable to save the pair.

In the IP Pavlova square in Prague, the tram crashed two people, the rescuers were on the spot for 45 minutes, but they were killed by the wounds.  (May 15, 2018)

The incident occurred at around 10:15 and the police have not yet revealed information surrounding the tragedy. One onlooker said that the pair went to cross but hadn’t looked and were unlucky to be wedged between a stationary tram and an oncoming one.

The as yet unnamed victims were treated for 45 minutes at the scene but rescuers were not able to save them. Public transport services in the vicinity are still on lockdown as the scene is ongoing.

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According to a spokesman for Prague rescue, Jana Poštová, the rescue service received a notification at about 10:15 and the first crew was in place in three minutes. Two medical crews intervened at the accident, the pedestrians alive after a heart attack. After 45 minutes, however, the two 60-year-old injured men died.

IP Pavlova tram trapped two pedestrians, both of them died.

“The rescuers of the two men secured their airways, connected them to the monitor, made all their life-saving actions, unfortunately they did not succeed despite all their efforts.”

The incident highlights the need to take care when crossing roads, as trams are bulky and restricted vehicles that wont be moving for you. The drivers do undergo significant training for any eventuality, but they also are not able to see what exactly is coming at every corner. The newer trams especially, are quieter than the older models, meaning you should always pay close attention when crossing any street, especially those in busy areas, making sure you know which side of the road traffic is moving on.


More info

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Travel info:

According to the transport company site, the X22 is available in the Karlovo náměstí – Náměstí Míru section. Štěpánská stop in the direction of Karlovo náměstí is not bus service.

Lines 22 and 16 are driving along the Karlovo namesti – Botanical Garden – Otakarov – Square Bratří Synků – Pod Karlovou – Bruselská – IP Pavlova and further on their regular routes.

Line 23 goes both directions to Karlovo náměstí – Botanical Garden – Otakarova – Botanical Garden – Karlovo náměstí and on its way to Malovanka. Line 6 one of Charles Square to the Botanical Garden and then to Otakarova stop, then along your route.


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