Prague Metro Set for 4G Mobile Data Trials

You’ll soon be able to Instagram, Tweet and Facebook on the move as Prague metro starts to trial high speed mobile data on the metro system.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re playing a game on your mobile, or you’re uploading suggestive selfies on Instagram, and you go into the metro and your connection to the outside world is no more? No more uploading or downloading, no more social media; just an empty void where once there connectivity.

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Well fear not, because for a limited trial run this month and next, the red line of Prague metro, the C Line, from Museum – Roztyly will have 4G signal in an effort to improve morale among commuters. The attempt is a joint effort provided by Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile and commuters are hoping the trial is a success, the effort is extended and the companies expand to provide coverage in the remaining lines.

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“Because how are we supposed to look at funny cat pictures and get into arguments with strangers without the internet for half an hour. This is Prague, not Botswana!”   – One agitated commuter.

Some areas are already covered such as the extension of the Green Line, or A Line, with the new stations receiving a good signal (Bořislavka, Veleslavin, Petřiny, Motol). Wi-Fi was said to be in the pipeline for all stops but thus far we only have coverage on 6 stations.

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Commuters go pant-less for an annual charity day – not every passenger seems so impressed..


The department for transport have estimated that coverage for all 61 metro stations in Prague will cost around half a billion crowns for the operators to cover, and they of course have been wrangling for the government to at least partly fund this arrangement.

Other European cities have trialed 4G coverage on underground lines, with Barcelona and Paris Metro systems having full coverage. London trailed the 4G system last summer and hopes to secure funding for future development of a permanent system.

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