The Growing Prague Comedy Scene

English speaking comedy might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Prague, Czech Republic, but the idea is slowly catching on. Slowly but surely, the crowds are growing and the competition for spots is getting fierce.

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“Any fool with steady hands and a working set of lungs can build up a house of cards and then blow it down, but it takes a genius to make people laugh.” – Stephen King

There are several venues across the city that have weekly gigs and a range of comedians from all parts of the world. Many of the venues have first-time comics, who can test themselves to see if they can make people laugh. If you’re brave enough, request a slot and give it a try. Many of the most famous comedians in the world started this way and gained experience and confidence by touring cities and playing in bars and clubs.

“Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.”  – Mel Brooks

Prague Comedy Venues:

Aristotle defined comedy as an imitation of men worse than the average. The comedians in Prague are certainly above average and will have you in hysterics on a weekly basis. The best venues to check out the comedy are RedRoom, organized weekly by Comedy PragueTchaiovna, Czech Inn Hostel and California Republic. The shows are always advertised on Facebook so check the pages and sign up to see what it’s all about.

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Come and enjoy the growing English speaking comedy scene in Prague. It’s an eclectic mix of expats, locals, and passers through who devote themselves to entertaining the masses with their unique styles and witty jokes.

The Comedians:

It would only be right to mention the man who helped kick off the English Speaking comedy scene in Prague, Luke Ryan, as he is genuinely hilarious and extremely motivated in developing new comedians and growing the scene.

The comedians in Prague are getting better and better and there are just too many to mention, but here is a quick selection from a recent event, with me at the top of course.


Friday 25th May News Stories: Trump, Ronaldinho, Morgan Freeman and Brexit

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Trump Cancels North Korea Summit and everyone is shocked

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President Donald Trump has cancelled the tentatively scheduled talks in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Trump is reported to have pulled out of the talks because of erratic behavior from the usually stable and respectful North Korean government, who most recently called Vice President Mike Pence an idiot.

Many say the cancellation puts us all back on the path to nuclear war, but some are also citing the possibility of thawing in relations as a step in the right direction. Did we really think we’d have Trump sat at a table with Kim Jong Un? Should he sit down with a tyrant whose Stalin-esque economic and social programs have caused the death of untold numbers of civilians?

The North Koreans have tried to put the blame on Trump, with North Korea’s vice foreign minister Kim Kye Gwan stating in a letter that Trump is “not consistent with the desire of humankind for peace and stability in the world.”

Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho denies reports he will marry 2 women at the same time

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Rumors recently surfaced that Brazilian football legend, Ronaldinho, will wed his two girlfriends in an August ceremony at the trio’s mansion in Rio de Janeiro. He was rumored to be preparing to marry Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza in a highly unorthodox wedding affair. The 38-year-old started dating Coelho in 2013, and then became involved with Souza in 2016 while still in a relationship with Coelho.

The former Barcelona star poured cold water on the rumors stating:

“It’s the biggest lie. I’m not even getting married.”

Morgan Freeman accused of sexual assaulting at least 8 women

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Eight women came forward to allege misconduct by the 80-year-old Oscar winner in a report by E News. In all, CNN said it spoke to 16 people — eight witnesses and eight victims.

In a statement from his rep, Freeman told ABC News, “Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows I am not someone who would intentionally offend or knowingly make anyone feel uneasy. I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected — that was never my intent.”

Already there are some signs of fallout from the allegations. Vancouver’s transportation system, which recently announced Morgan Freeman as the voice of TransLink, told ABC in a statement, “In light of information we’ve learned this morning of allegations regarding actor Morgan Freeman, TransLink has decided to pause his voice announcements as part of a VISA ad campaign on our transit system. We will be reaching out to VISA to discuss further.”

We sincerely hope the allegations are not true.

Last But Not Least, Brexit…

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The UK has warned of an “irreparable security risk” after Brexit, in a worsening clash with the EU over cross-border crime-fighting and the Galileo satellite project. The government threatened to demand repayment of the £1bn it has invested in the €10bn navigation system unless the EU stops freezing UK companies out of its future development. A new paper also claimed the £39bn “divorce bill” should be reopened, because it was assumed the UK would retain full access to Galileo when it was calculated.

On This Day

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Breaking News:

Fifteen are injured – three critically – after a bomb attack on an Indian restaurant near Toronto, as police race to find two masked men caught on camera entering with a suspicious device then fleeing.

At least 15 people were injured Thursday night when a bomb detonated at this re


The Prague Earthquake – Latest Updates

An earthquake registering 4.1 on the Richter scale shook Prague and the Karlovy Vary region overnight, causing some aggravated pets and mild trembles in some areas.

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The earthquake originated in the Luby district of the Karlovy Vary region and reached as far as Prague. This is the first time in 4 years that an earthquake of this magnitude has hit the region. According the Richter scale, a scale invented by Charles F. Richter to identify the magnitude of earthquakes, an event of this scale can cause the following effects:

‘Noticeable shaking of indoor objects and rattling noises. Felt by most people in the affected area. Slightly felt outside. Generally causes none to minimal damage. Moderate to significant damage very unlikely. Some objects may fall off shelves or be knocked over.’

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*Possible effect of an earthquake

Prague doesn’t normally come to mind when you think of earthquakes and many residents were rightly concerned about the event. One Prague resident complained:

“It was mental. The dogs wouldn’t stop barking and my signed Michael Chopra photo fell off the shelf” – Mr M Colley – Prague resident

So far very few incidents of property damage have been reported to authorities and the geological office have said that this is a rare event and we’ve nothing to worry about.

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You can check on all geological events here.

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Karolina Pliskova Loses Her Cool At The Italian Open

Pliskova needs to keep her temper in Czech..

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Karolina Pliskova, the Czech former world No. 1 and the No. 6 seed at the Italian Open, lost her temper yesterday after a poor refereeing decision sent her out of the Italian Open.

Under the grey skies of an expected storm, Pliskova caused a storm on the court after a bad decision by the umpire sent her out of the competition. The score was tied at 5-5 in the deciding set in her second-round match against Greece’s Maria Sakkari, when the umpire called out on a shot.

Replays show the ball was quite clearly in by at least an inch, but with clay matches not using Hawkeye for confirmation, the umpire uses their own judgement and markings in the clay.

The linesperson called out, but couldn’t exactly point out a ball mark in the clay; the umpire couldn’t see a mark either, but decided not to overrule the call; a supervisor was called, but could do nothing to fix the situation and Pliskova was extremely upset about the call. On replay, you can clearly see Pliskova’s ball landing inside the court.

Pliskova, clearly agitated with the incident, went on to lose the game and would not forget it. Sakkari carried on with the match to win 3-6, 6-3, 7-5, taking the biggest scalp of her career before and the two players shook hands at the net. Then, after faking a handshake with the umpire, Pliskova let her know what she really thought about her decision. Sakkari, looking a tad frightened, took a step back.

Pliskova can expect a hefty fine for the outburst and bringing the Women’s Tennis Association into disrepute.

Karolina Pliskova’s twin sister, Krystina, also a tennis player in the world’s top 100, tweeted her frustration at the poor decision.

As for the idea of an umpire “blacklist” raised by Kristyna Pliskova, we have seen this sort of thing before, notably when Rafael Nadal admitted in 2015 that he had asked for the respected chair umpire Carlos Bernardes to be kept away from his matches.

Supervisors do sometimes take previous bad blood into account when they allocate officials, but it is not a good look for the sport.


Ice Hockey World Championships: Czech Republic Vs USA Preview

It may not be the most important competition for US fans, but the Czech Republic will go insane if they get beat the USA this Thursday.

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It’s been 6 long years since the Czech Republic last took home a medal from the Hockey World Championships but a subtle sense of optimism has been slowly developing among Czech hockey fans of late. In 2012, the Czechs lost to Slovakia in the semis before beating Finland in the bronze medal match. This time around, the Czechs are quietly hoping for even more.

Standing in their way are team USA, who despite getting turned over by Finland in their last match are always a huge threat and one of the tournament favourites.

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The Czechs started off a little inconsistently, losing to the old nemesis, Sweden before narrowly beating Switzerland. The last few matches have seen a big turnaround with David Pastrňák and David Krejčí being introduced to the team after the Boston Bruins exited the Stanley Cup.

The Main Men:

Team USA: Patrick Kane

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Patrick Kane isn’t usually a regular at the annual IIHF World Championships because he’s often on a lengthy playoff run with the Chicago Blackhawks.

This year, however, the Blackhawks failed to qualify for the Stanley Cup, so Kane decided to support his country and the fans are sure glad he did, as on Tuesday he broke the record for most points recorded by an American in a single tournament. Kane scored a goal and added an assist in his team’s group finale against Finland, bringing his tournament totals to six goals and 11 assists. The previous record was 16 points set by Richard Roberge way back in 1962.

“It’s not a good feeling losing,” Kane said following the loss to Finland. “It could be good for us to make sure we won’t deal with this again and stay positive. We’re a good team, we’ve had a good tournament to this point. [The Czechs] have some talents, it will be a tough game against them.”

Team CZ: David Pastrnak

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Bruins forward David Pastrnak had only just joined the Czech team last Thursday morning after being knocked out of the NHL playoffs by the Tampa Bay Lightning, but immediately made his presence felt in a 4-3 overtime victory against Russia. Pastrnak scored two goals, including the winner with 1:37 left in OT, and added one assist while Bruins teammate David Krejci finished with a goal and three assists.

Pastrnak is young and relatively experienced, but he’s also a great skater, skilled with the puck and a really strong player. The Bruins rate him highly and Team CZ will be hoping that he can put one over his NHL rivals in the American team.

The Quarters:

The Czechs enter the IHFF quarters in third position, meaning they’ll face the USA who came second in theirs after that 6-2 loss to Finland.

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Russia face Canada in what promises to be a pretty memorable match, whilst one of the favourites, Finland, face Switzerland and the Swedes line up against unfancied Latvia.


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The game starts at 16:15 CET on Thursday 17th May

As a Czech resident and a fan of Czech hockey and the underdog, I’m going for a Czech win in OT. 2-2 in normal time, Pastrnak with an OT winner to send Team CZ onto a semifinal against Sweden.

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Prague Tragedy In IP Pavlova: 2 Pedestrians Killed

Tragedy struck the busy neighborhood of IP Pavlova earlier, as a tram hit and killed 2 pedestrians. Emergency services were quick on the scene but unable to save the pair.

In the IP Pavlova square in Prague, the tram crashed two people, the rescuers were on the spot for 45 minutes, but they were killed by the wounds.  (May 15, 2018)

The incident occurred at around 10:15 and the police have not yet revealed information surrounding the tragedy. One onlooker said that the pair went to cross but hadn’t looked and were unlucky to be wedged between a stationary tram and an oncoming one.

The as yet unnamed victims were treated for 45 minutes at the scene but rescuers were not able to save them. Public transport services in the vicinity are still on lockdown as the scene is ongoing.

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According to a spokesman for Prague rescue, Jana Poštová, the rescue service received a notification at about 10:15 and the first crew was in place in three minutes. Two medical crews intervened at the accident, the pedestrians alive after a heart attack. After 45 minutes, however, the two 60-year-old injured men died.

IP Pavlova tram trapped two pedestrians, both of them died.

“The rescuers of the two men secured their airways, connected them to the monitor, made all their life-saving actions, unfortunately they did not succeed despite all their efforts.”

The incident highlights the need to take care when crossing roads, as trams are bulky and restricted vehicles that wont be moving for you. The drivers do undergo significant training for any eventuality, but they also are not able to see what exactly is coming at every corner. The newer trams especially, are quieter than the older models, meaning you should always pay close attention when crossing any street, especially those in busy areas, making sure you know which side of the road traffic is moving on.


More info

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Travel info:

According to the transport company site, the X22 is available in the Karlovo náměstí – Náměstí Míru section. Štěpánská stop in the direction of Karlovo náměstí is not bus service.

Lines 22 and 16 are driving along the Karlovo namesti – Botanical Garden – Otakarov – Square Bratří Synků – Pod Karlovou – Bruselská – IP Pavlova and further on their regular routes.

Line 23 goes both directions to Karlovo náměstí – Botanical Garden – Otakarova – Botanical Garden – Karlovo náměstí and on its way to Malovanka. Line 6 one of Charles Square to the Botanical Garden and then to Otakarova stop, then along your route.

Sainsbury’s Show Blatant Disregard For The Environment With New Plastic Food Wraps

At a time when our oceans are grossly infested with plastic, Sainsbury’s have decided it necessary to increase the amount of packaging used in their meat products because millennials don’t like to touch meat.

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British supermarket, Sainsbury’s have decided to introduce touch-free packaging to help millennial’s who are afraid to handle raw meat. They will be introducing pouches that allows customers to place chicken pieces straight into a frying pan without having touch them. The supermarket chain said the plastic pouches were developed after consumers under the age of 35 said they didn’t like to handle uncooked meat.

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So I’d just like to show Sainsbury’s, and any millennial who thinks this is a good idea, a few images of the amount of plastic currently destroying our planet; oh, but out of sight, out of mind right?

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Image result for pacific garbage patch

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“Customers, particularly younger ones, are quite scared of touching raw meat. These bags allow people, especially those who are time-poor, to just ‘rip and tip’ the meat straight into the frying pan without touching it,’ Katherine Hall, Sainsbury’s product development

Nice one Katherine.

When, in the not-so-distant future, the sea is so contaminated that the hundreds of millions of people around the world who rely on the sea for their income can no longer get by or start to develop serious health problems because of plastic intake, I’d like to bring people back to this. Undoubtedly we’ll look for someone to blame and I’d like to point fingers at Sainsbury’s here.

We desperately need to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean and increasing packaging because some people don’t like to touch meat is certainly not something that will help.

lets not forget that the media don’t like to often remind us of anomalies like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is a giant patch of plastic waste and sludge that has collected together due to the currents of the sea, and now pollutes anything around it.

With this in mind, it does make me wonder if we’ll ever clean up our act, or if we even want to until it’s too late..