Roxy – Disciples – Event Review

Saturday 24th March saw UK production trio, the Disciples, head to Roxy for an epic evening of cool vibes, great clientele and epic music.


The Venue

In my opinion, I have to say that Roxy is one of the best nightclubs in Prague. It wasn’t always this way, as it did once have a bit of an infamous reputation but the club is now clean, safe and enjoyable at all times. The drinks aren’t overpriced and the ambiance is pretty relaxed, given the great location, late finishes and big names coming to perform here. Walking around the club, relatively sober at 03:00, I felt safe and relaxed, enjoying the good music on offer and cool people in the club.

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The Music

Michael C kicked the evening off and was already getting the crowd hyped when I arrived. He is no stranger to Roxy, being the resident DJ, performing his progressive house style on a regular basis and helping with the event production. Michael C lists Depeche Mode, Mike Oldfield and Daft Punk among his musical influences and you can certainly hear the different styles collaborating well.

“Definitely one of the best performances this year. The whole club was buzzing, everybody was really enjoying the music, even before Disciples came out and smashed it. Awesome night” – Roxy Regular


The crowd were responding well to Michael C, and the club was filling up by the time Disciples entered the room and cranked it up a notch. They came in confidently and took over from Michael C, cranking up the collective mood of the crowd. People were dancing, getting carried away with the music and cheering when their favorite Disciples track started.

“Definitely going back to Roxy for more gigs in the near future. I think Disciples were awesome. I’m downloading the album in the morning!” – New Disciples fan

The Disciples were absolutely epic, and whilst I would never have considered myself a die-hard fan of theirs, I reckon I’ll be the first to buy tickets if they decide to come back to Prague. On this performance and the reception they received, I’m guessing they might be back here before too long.

Check out some shots from the evening:








Needless to say, it was a top class event and well worth the entry fee. Roxy is a safe, cool and positive environment where you can hear some original music in an awesome venue. I would absolutely recommend heading to events here. It is undoubtedly one of the best clubs in Prague for music.

Take a look here for the upcoming events at Roxy:

FRI 30/03/2018 – 23:00

& ME ( GER)

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The German deephouse / techno producer & ME is known globally and has worked with some huge artists on epic collaborations. His sets were revered by fans all over the world at festivals like BPM, DGTL or Sonus.

WED 02/05/2018 – 20:00


Image result for hypnotic brass ensemble

The broody brass band, composed of the seven brothers of renowned jazz trumpeter Phil Cohrana plays for the first time in Prague its mixture of jazz, funky, afrobeat and hip hop.

WED 27/06/2018 – 19:00


Related image

One of the most striking rock bands of the last two decades of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is heading to the Prague at the end of June. The San Francisco band survived the turbulence of recent years, and at the beginning of the year released the eighth studio album Wrong Creatures. Tickets will be on sale from Tuesday 20 March (15:00).


Found: Quite Possibly The Best Restaurant In Prague

In my quest for culinary greatness in Prague, I have been richly rewarded with some exceptional experiences. Terasa U Zlate Studne is certainly amongst the best restaurants I have visited in Europe.


Terasa U Zlate Studne is highly regarded, first and foremost, for its exquisite view, where you can bear witness to Prague in all its glory. You can see the Zizkov Television Tower to the left, Charles Bridge, the skyscrapers of Pankrac and the National Theatre in one incredible panoramic shot. But, as they’re keen to point out, it’s not just the view that makes Terasa U Zlate Studne the best location for an exceptional occasion.

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View From The Summer Terrace

The food is, in my view, Michelin class. I’ve eaten at Michelin rated restaurants before, in both Milan and London, and this place in on par with those eateries in terms of preparation, presentation, service and taste. The food was expertly prepared and professionally delivered with elegance and class in abundance.

Admittedly, whilst I’d sing its praises from the rooftops, it’s not somewhere I could ever afford to eat at on a regular basis; blogging doesn’t pay that well. But, for a special occasion, for that someone special, I would wholeheartedly recommend Terasa U Zlate Studne as the best restaurant I have visited so far in Prague.

I was presented with the degustation menu, and a perfect wine companion, which came in the following order:

atop on eatable Clay with fresh Vegetable and Cucumber Jelly
Varnier Fannier Cuvee St. Denis Grand Cru – Blanc de Blanc – Champagne / France
with Wasabi Caviar, Enoki Mushrooms and Yellow Radish in authentic Teriyaki Sauce
Riesling Rheinschiefer, PJKühn, Rheingau / Germany 2016
with Grilled Scallop, Round Plum and Ginger Foam
Rulandské šedé – late harvest, ŠSVP – Velkopavlovicko / Czech Republic 2015
with Salmon Wafer
completed by La Ratte Potatoes, Forest Mushrooms, Snow Peas and Baby Patisson poured by Chorizo ​​Sauce
Chardonnay “Hermes” – late harvest, Gala winery – Mikulov / Czech Republic 2016
atop on Kenya Beans Purée with Caramelized Endive, Chestnuts and Chanterelles poured by Grand Marnier Sauce
Crozes Hermitage “Les Fees Brunes”, JPColombo, Rhône / France 2015
flavored with Bourbon, Caramel Cream, Pineapple Chutney and Homemade Ice Cream from Sour Cream
Château Dauphine Rondillon – Loupiac / France 2009

Full menu 

Terasa u Zlaté studně


U Zlaté studně 166/4
118 00 Praha 1 – Malá Strana
Czech Republic

Breakfast Like A Boss With Vienna House Andel

Of all the things in Prague that have kept me here for half a decade, breakfast isn’t one of them.

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As an Englishmen, I’m accustomed to finding a decent cooked breakfast without having to search far and wide, with cafes aplenty in almost every British town. In Prague, however, our British perception as to what constitutes a decent breakfast is not reciprocated and it can be a struggle to get what I enjoy.

In Prague, it is certainly an option to visit one of the many café’s such as Louvre, Imperial or Savoy, but I find they usually offer the smaller, more continental breakfast types, such as pastries and fruits. There’s obviously nothing wrong with a nice croissant and jam, but from time to time I do need to get my fix of sausage, egg and bacon.


Cooked selection From Buffet

Last weekend I had the opportunity to enjoy a breakfast buffet at a hotel that I’d often walked by, but never actually visited; Andel’s by Vienna House Prague. They serve a pretty awesome breakfast for guests and non-guests alike, and have a wide selection of fresh and cooked breakfast treats to get everything you need to start the day.



They have all the expected breakfast necessities, such as a decent tea and coffee selection, yoghurts, hams and cheeses, cereals and also a large cooked selection with sausages and bacon. They have 3 different types of egg available to choose from, with poached eggs and parmesan being my favourite.

Vienna House is all about the joy of travelling, adventure and discovery.
We’re authentic hosts – and it shows. Just like a visit with friends, if not better.
Comfort. Discovery. Experience.

Vienna House is a modern hotel experience with an understanding of what’s important: the simple beauty of life. High-speed Internet meets attentive service, unique local experiences and exclusive interior design. All topped with a helping of Viennese charm.




The restaurant area was extremely clean, spacious and well designed, with fresh flowers on each table. I think as I get older I’m becoming more of a snob as I’d seriously have walked out immediately if they’d displayed plastic flowers on the tables.

Located in the popular ‘Andel’ district, the Vienna House Andel’s Prague stands for design, modern architecture and a warm welcome. Ideally suited for business travellers and holiday makers alike, both the hotel itself and the apartment complex are surrounded by cool shops, boutique stores and trendy restaurants, and the Old Town is within a walking distance.



If you’re going to be north of the river for the day, start it in the very best way by visiting Andel’s by Vienna House Prague hotel for one of the very best breakfasts in town.

Top Tip: They say an army marches on its stomach, and I think an office team operates in a similar fashion. If you work in Andel, bring your team here for a team breakfast that will keep them motivated and achieving more.

Monday – Friday 6.30 am – 10.30 am 
Saturday and Sunday 6.30 am – 11.00 am

+420 296 882 415

Email Reservation:

7 Days, 7 Bars in Prague, Czech Republic

With so many establishments to choose from, its sometimes difficult to decide where to drink in Prague. To make it slightly easier, we’ve made a 7 day drinking schedule with a slightly different theme each day.

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Unless others decide for you, it’s sometimes difficult to choose a venue to frequent with such a wide selection of pubs, bars and clubs available, so we’ve created a 7 day drinking session with a slightly different theme each day. This is by no means a list of the best venues in the city, but it could be a helpful guide if you’re stuck without a place to go. And yes, we’ve done this routine and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We wouldn’t be hypocritical and preach about drinking responsibly, but we do suggest keeping your wits about you, as you should everywhere.

The week in bars:

Thursday: The One Before The Big One

They say Thursday is ‘little Friday’ and the end of the working day means that you have just one more day to push before the weekend starts. It’s not quite time to let loose just yet, but you can still enjoy yourself with a few beers in preparation for the upcoming weekend.

Suggested Venue: Lokal Hamburk, Karlin

Image result for lokal hamburk

Image result for lokal hamburk

Lokal is a decent chain of pubs that offer cheap beer and Czech food. They usually follow the same principle but my favourite has to be Lokal Hamburk. It gets a pretty decent crowd from the local offices who crowd in after the close of play in their workplaces. It does get pretty busy for a period of about 4 hours in the evening, so book a table to ensure you and your friends fit in.


Friday: The Big One

For centuries, men have toiled in the fields so that when the work is done and the fields are ploughed, they can relax with one hand on their beer belly and the other holding a jug of foamy ale. The vast majority of us no longer work in fields, but we’ve toiled nonetheless so it’s time to let loose. Friday night is party night and it’s your opportunity to paint the town red, whilst behaving yourself, of course.

Suggested Venue: Lucerna Café then onto Lucerna Nightclub

Image result for lucerna club

Image result for lucerna nightclub

With the end destination in mind, hit Lucerna Café on a Friday night after work and enjoy the chilled atmosphere with friends. They have decent food if you’re hungry, but some people will say that ‘eating is cheating’ and beer has all the vitamins you need.

Once it hits a reasonable hour and you’ve put away enough beers to lose some inhibitions, head next door to the infamous Lucerna nightclub. Sure, the 80’s and 90’s music maybe cheesy and the clientele are usually as drunk as you are, but it’s all fun and games and, from what I’ve seen, it’s a safe environment. Talk to strangers, tell lies, dance like you don’t have a care in the world and make a fool of yourself; after all, no great story starts with “This one time, I was at home eating a salad”.


Saturday: The Sporty One

Saturday is reserved for sports, unless it’s one of those barren few months between football seasons where women own the world and men lose the will to go on. So when I say sporty one, I don’t actually mean you’ll be doing any sports, but you can watch some people getting sporty.

Suggested Venue: James Joyce Irish pub

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James Joyce was recently crowned the Prague Geezer Irish pub of the year and it is a smashing venue. You can watch the major sports of your choice and then have a laugh with your friends. For many, the Saturday night won’t end here, but because of the location, you are in the dead center of the city and just a short walk from some awesome pubs and clubs that won’t close until you want them to


Sunday: The Alternative One

Sunday should be spent with the family and having a huge Sunday Roast Dinner. If your family aren’t around, however, its probably worth heading out for a night out once the hangover from Saturday has subsided. Why not change things up a bit and go a bit alternative for the evening. You could always check what gigs and bands are playing, or head to Vzorkovna where you’re guaranteed to see something interesting

Suggested Venue: Vzorkovna

Image result for vzorkovna prague

You might not get the best service in this place, but what it lacks in service, it more than makes up for in uniqueness. The bar is dark and mysterious and usually has live music acts of varying degrees of quality. I describe it as Cross Club without the craziness and mosh pits. Beer is cheap and good, location is super; just make sure you book Home Office for the Monday morning.


Monday: The Chilled One

So you didn’t just struggle through Monday, you owned it. Those reports were handed in on time, someone complimented you on your hair and you had a huge healthy salad for lunch. Maybe not; maybe you called in a ‘home office’ and turned your laptop on before going back to sleep for the morning. In any case, time for a chilled out drink with friends to put you back on the plateau.

Suggested Venue: Blah Blah Bar

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Blah Blah Bar is a decent bar with a central location and cozy interior. It’s not a venue where you will drink until you drop, but the cocktails and drinks menu is extensive and very classy. The bar often has brilliant live music, so check the website before you go.

Top Tip: mention Prague Geezer when you reserve a table online and you get 10% off your bill – Every little helps!


Tuesday: The Fancy One

There’s an old Chinese proverb that roughly translates to “Man who drink Long Island Iced Tea on Monday, feel pain on Wednesday” and whilst this might be true, we’re only here once right? So we might as well enjoy ourselves.

Suggested Venue: Hemingway Cocktail Bar

Image result for hemingway bar prague

Image result for hemingway bar prague

Hemingway is a pretty swanky cocktail bar, that isn’t completely over-the-top and can be enjoyed without a 1920’s style Bugsy Malone outfit. The bar has been around forever, and does get pretty busy so it might be worth booking in advance.

An enterprise inspired by Ernest Hemingway, a famous patron of bars who lent his name to more than a few cocktails. He famously improved many recipes, which is why bars throughout the world today prepare cocktails such as the Hemingway Daiquiri and his Papa Doble. People associate his bar life exclusively with Cuba, but this is incorrect!


Wednesday: The Challenging One

You’re 3 fifths of the way through the week and you should celebrate this fact by challenging yourself. You could always go and do some sports and stuff, but what’s the point of being a healthy old person if your mental health has declined. Keep your mental stimulation going with a pub quiz and win prizes if you can answer more questions than the other teams.

Suggested Venue: The Globe

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Image result for the globe prague pub quiz

James Joyce has a decent pub quiz on Monday, but The Globe has a great quiz every Wednesday. As you might imagine, it gets pretty busy so you should book in advance and bring your thinking cap. The beer isn’t going to win any awards, but it’s not too bad and they have all the other drinks you might expect from your standard bar.

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Hergetova Cihelna: Gorgeous Food and Supreme Service

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I recently visited Hergetova Cihelna for an evening meal and came away more than satisfied with what I’d experienced. I knew very little about this place apart from the fact it had an odd sounding name and someone had told me it was the ‘little brother’ of Kampa Park, where I’d also recently dined.

Given that Kampa Park was a pretty incredible experience in every aspect, I did have reasonably high hopes and expectations.

A quick check of the restaurant website explained what it was all about:

Hergetova Cihelna is a lively and stylish restaurant on the bank of Prague`s Vltava river with a spectacular view of the Charles Bridge. Locals and visitors come here for creative variations on Czech and international favorites, gourmet salads, and the freshest seafood anywhere.

No automatic alt text available.

The Service:

Our waiter, Robin, was an extremely smart guy and knew everything about every meal we were eating, explaining in both Czech and English how the food was prepared and which wines would complement each dish. He was attentive and professional, but not overly intrusive as some waiters can be when they are trying a bit too hard.

We did come with a slight hindrance to the restaurant, as we both wanted to try several things and have the degustacion menu, even though my partner is a vegetarian and sometimes restaurants aren’t always so friendly towards those who refrain from meat. The chef and staff at Hergetova Cihelna, however, were more than accommodating and made our evening very special.

The Meal

Baked goat cheese with caramelized red onion and beet root, rye-hazelnut bread and orange-carrot sauce      


I’ve never been a huge fan of goat cheese and I probably wouldn’t choose this as a starter if I saw it on another menu, but we both agreed that this was quite tasty. The smell and taste were not overpowering, and the waiter had suggested a French rose to accompany the dish which worked well.

Oxtail consommé with butter-fried crispy dumplings filled with oxtail meat and mixed vegetable         

Image result for hergetova cihelna   

I wasn’t overly crazy when I saw this on the menu, as my previous experiences had taught me that this can dish be easily done very wrong. I won’t say that I’d order it as a main course if I didn’t have the degustation menu, but I didn’t dislike it and it was a pretty tasty accompaniment to bridge the gap to the next dish which I loved.

Oven baked pike-perch with creamy celery sauce, kale and cheese dumplings    


The fish was great in taste and freshness and the presentation was quite exquisite. This was an excellent dish and it really looked the part when it was served to us. I did enjoy the combination of tastes that this hot dish gave me, and the accompaniments were just perfect. I had a really good chardonnay to help it down and despite not being a wine connoisseur, I could tell that the drink and the dish were a perfect combination.

Fried phyllo pockets filled with duck confit with cabbage-onion salsa and homemade plum sauce   


This was, according to our waiter Robin, a fairly new addition to the menu and would be on the main menu in the following season. I didn’t fully appreciate the cabbage salsa, but the plum sauce gave the pastry pockets an oriental feel and it really did work well. It worked well to go after the fish dish, as it was lighter and fell like we were on the downward slope towards the dessert.

Chocolate fondant with salt caramel ice cream, apricot purée and pistachio crumble       

Image result for hergetova cihelna

This was the best dish for me, without a doubt. I don’t usually have a sweet tooth, but I do cave when it comes to chocolate and this meal was pretty great. The ice cream was rich and complimented the fondant well, as did the sweet taste of the apricot. It did not last long.

Price of menu: 950 CZK

Image result for hergetova cihelna prague

The Experience:

For the price of the meal, you really can’t go wrong with Hergetova Cihelna. The setting is superb, with a great view of the river and Charles Bridge, and the interior is sublime, giving the impression of a Michelin class eatery.

Whilst the food wasn’t in the same league as Kampa Park, it was really good. When I first looked at the menu, I didn’t see expensive ingredients and I wondered how some of the tastes would complement each other. In the end, I had nothing to worry about as the food really was great.

The thing that set this restaurant apart, however, was the exceptional service we received and the feeling we got from start to finish, making us feel like minor celebrities heading out for a fancy meal. I think it’s an absolutely great place to take someone you are trying to impress, without spending the earth at the end.

Hergetova Cihelna

Cihelná 2b, Prague 1
11:30 am – 01:00 am, 04:00 pm – 06:00 pm: kitchen break

Phone: +420 296 826 103
Fax: +420 257 535 820

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Best Irish Pubs In Prague – 2018

Prague, like most major European cities, has no shortage of authentic Irish pubs and bars, but which is the best Irish pub to visit in Prague in 2018?

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We decided to judge the Irish pubs of Prague on the factors that usually make a pub experience enjoyable; food and drink quality, service, atmosphere, entertainment and price of the excursion. So below you will find the top 5 in our list for the year 2018.

This list usually leads to some heated discussions and whilst some people prefer some pubs more than others, this is just the opinion of the editors of The Prague Geezer. Check us out on Facebook and feel free to add your opinions in the comments.

The List:

  1. The Dubliner

This was a 3-way race between The Dubliner, O’Che’s and Caffrey’s but I had to give it to Dubliner. The venue looks great when you walk in and because of the size of the place, you don’t usually have trouble finding a seat. They have reasonable food and drink choices, although you will pay a little extra because the bar has a great location in the center of tourist town.

They have all the sports you might imagine and they even advertise the games they will show in their website, which I actually like because there’s always a risk that the game you want to see might not be on the television.

I don’t like the tourist warning on the website, which makes Prague seem like the crime capital of Europe, even if much of the advice is somewhat good advice. They keep talking about pickpockets and currency inspectors which, fortunately for me, I’ve never had any experience with, although you should, obviously, always keep your wits about you when travelling to any city in the world.

  1. Becketts Irish Pub and Restaurant

Image result for becketts prague

Becketts is a decent venue with reasonable beer and tasty food. It isn’t a bar I frequently visit, although I know friends that do and they tell me it is up there with the best in terms of price, service, ambience and product quality. These are the main categories I look for when deciding on the order of the list.

There is just something about the place that doesn’t feel authentically Irish to me. Maybe it’s the new tables that don’t wobble when you put a pint down or the chrome finish along the bar, but it does lack a little bit of authenticity that the other Irish bars have, in my humble opinion.


It’s a good place to hang out and take a few beers with friends, but unless you go on Paddy’s Day,it doesn’t always have the loudest or most authentic vibe in Prague.

  1. Rocky O’Reilly’s

Image result for the dubliner prague

Rocky O’Reilly’s is a trademark of Prague. It has a nice great central location, big televisions for all your sporting needs, and of course, beer and food. The staff are attentive, often despite the pressure they’re under on match-day, and the atmosphere is usually very interesting.


Simultaneously the best and worst thing about Rocky O’Reilly’s is the atmosphere. It is often, not always, full of stag parties and drunken Irish and British men getting boisterous, naked and pouring alcohol over each other whilst incoherently singing anti-Tottenham songs, or such like. This can either be fun and entertaining, or terrifying and unwelcome, depending on your mood, your intentions and your company.

The venue has a large projector for the important games and they do play most major sports and competitions, especially when the rugby is on and you get a great atmosphere if you can find a decent table. It is slightly on the pricier side, with 79kc the going rate for a Staropramen, but it certainly isn’t the most expensive around.

  1. J.J Murphy’s

Image result for jj murphy's prague

J.J Murphy’s was my winner last year, but the pub has been usurped by my new favourite, James Joyce.

J.J Murphy’s has a decent location close to the castle, and is to my knowledge, the only Irish bar north of the Vltava. The bar is authentic looking, has decent staff and all the major sports on the television.

The food in JJ’s was a little better the last time I judged these bars and there has been some management changes in the past few years which have contributed to, in my opinion, a slight decline in it’s standards. It also seems to me that many of the regular clientele now frequent other establishments, which is a shame because it is always nice to pop into a pub and see some familiar faces.

Related image

That being said, the bar will always have a soft spot with me and you can still have a more than enjoyable night in J.J Murphy’s. They often have live music and the bar is in a great location if you live, or if you’re staying, north of the river.

  1. James Joyce

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling

James Joyce for me is the worthy winner of the Prague Geezer Irish Pub of The Year. If we look at the service from the expert bar staff, the entertainment with the quiz, sports and music, the atmosphere, food and drink quality and the price, James Joyce wins this year’s award hands down.

In my honest opinion, James Joyce has improved drastically over the past few years and is now my go-to sports bar for rugby, football and a decent Sunday roast dinner. The Sunday roast is expertly crafted and this is definitely one of the best places to go in Prague if you are partial to a nice Sunday roast. On any other day of the week you might choose from a wide variety of dishes and from what I’ve tried, I’ve absolutely no complaints.

The venue is authentic, cozy and warm and whilst you might struggle to get a table during a popular rugby match, you’ll always be guaranteed a decent day out which usually leads into the evening. Reserve a table beforehand and you have nothing to worry about.

Image may contain: people sitting, food and indoor

Given the location of James Joyce, the prices are pretty good and whilst some locals might scoff at paying 55Kc for a Gambrinus ‘because it’s cheaper at my local’ you won’t get the atmosphere, the sports and the terrific day that you can have in the James Joyce.

I heartily recommend a visit to James Joyce, especially on a Monday evening when they have a pub quiz, Saturday for the football or Sunday for the roast dinner.

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Bila Krava: Authentic French Steakhouse In Central Prague

Someone once asked me “what’s your favourite animal?” Steak was my response..

Related image

If you’re a fan of high quality steak, then your expectations might not be too high in Prague. There aren’t many places where you can get a decent, juicy steak that has been cooked to the degree you requested. If you do find a decent meat house, then you’re looking to pay a pretty penny for your troubles. Bila Krava has been trying for 20 years to buck the trend and provide high quality meat that is cooked to perfection; and it won’t cost you the world.

Charolais Cattle

The name Bila Krava, or white cow for the non-Czech speakers, comes from the type of beef used in almost all of their dishes. Charolais cattle are a French breed of cow originating in the Charolais area surrounding Charolles, in Burgundy, in eastern France. The cattle are big and strong, and white, and have a distinctly fresh taste that you will struggle to find anywhere else in the Czech Republic.

15 facts about Charolais cattle

The meat, as you might expect, is extremely high quality and cooked to perfection. Charolais cattle are praised for their carcass’ high yield and good quality meat. Their intramuscular fat also contributes to excellent edible quality in their beef cuts.

The Venue

When I entered Bila Krava, I half believed I was walking into a restaurant in the south of France. The wood décor and the rustic furniture gave the restaurant a unique feel and you can place it somewhere between a clean hospoda and a family restaurant on the French Riviera. The staff were very polite and did the basics very well.

The Meal

The wine list looked good, with French wines precedence as you might expect from a French restaurant, but we opted for beers as men often do. Steak and beer is a match-winning combination.

I chose the snails for starters as I had a good experience the last time around and my dining partner chose the carpaccio. Both dishes were very good, with the snails having just the right amount of garlic so you can taste it, but not melt people’s faces.

Check out the full menu here


Carpaccio 220, –

Marinated slices of tenderloin, Parmigiano reggiano, garnished with home-made basil pesto, rocket and capers                   

Burgundy Snails warm starter 6/12pcs. 155,-/250,-

Boiled in broth, baked in shells with garlic-herb butter

For the main meal, I chose the largest steak I could find on the menu, which happened to be entrecote. It was half a kilo and took up most of my plate. I had the British classic, French fries, as my side dish and Foie Gras steak sauce. We also had the Charolais selection, which was 3 different steaks from different cuts with baked potatoes and Mushroom sauce. We ordered our steaks rare, and they were cooked to perfection, which is something lacking in many of the steak restaurants in Prague that I have visited so far. The dinner was well worth the price and the meat was very good. I literally have no complaints about the way the steak was cooked or its taste, and the sauces were also earthy and natural tasting.



Steak Natural-entrecote                               595,-

Served on a kitchen board with herbal butter and coarse sea salt

Charolais Selection                                         345,-

Faux filet, Rump steak, Onglet

 By the time our main meal had finished, we didn’t have a lot of space for dessert and I am not a huge fan of dessert in any case. We were, however, recommended by the owner to try the ice cream as it is served in an unusual way. The cold table is brought over and the ice cream is prepared using liquid nitrogen; something I’ve never seen before.

Here’s a quick demonstration:


Home-made curd ice cream with hot raspberries   150,-

Prepared directly at your table using liquid nitrogen (-196°C)


Overall this place is well worth a visit. Bila Krava is a family owned restaurant that has been serving patrons in Prague for more than 2 decades and it is a classy, understated steak joint. The food doesn’t cost the Earth and it is well-sourced, well cooked and well presented. I would absolutely come to this restaurant again with friends and family.