Your Wardrobe Will Never Look The Same Again: Primark Comes To Prague

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Primark are opening a flagship store in the redeveloped area of Centrum Chodov. Get ready for bargains, brown paper bags and bruises.

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A few years ago, whilst bored at work, I wrote an email to the head office of budget Irish fashion retailer, Primark, and explained that Prague is desperate need of a Primark. I actually received a response, sometime later, thanking me for the suggestion and informing me that they were concentrating on other areas of Europe.

A few years later, I find out that Primark is opening a new flagship store in newly constructed area of Chodov Centrum. Coincidence? I think not. You can all thank The Prague Geezer for this development.

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What is Primark?

Those of you unfamiliar with Primark will soon be in awe of the prices. You can get high-street fashion for extremely low prices and it’s not uncommon, at least in the UK Primark branches, to find people fighting over the bargains on offer, especially over the sales period. I expect this Primark to start slowly, and once the word spreads; pandemonium will ensue. Czech people, I find, are naturally a frugal bunch anyway, and Primark will be right up their street.

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I actually really like Primark. The clothes are not awful, and most will last a year or more, and they keep up with the latest fashions. Not everything in the store is good, but that has to be expected with a clothes store. The best thing about Primark is the price. You can find some of the best bargains on the market at Primark and I expect that the Chodov Primark will be cheap to generate interest.

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When will it open?

The newly constructed addition to the Chodov shopping Centre is set to open in mid-2017 and anyone who goes past regularly can see the progress of the construction. In just a few months, the project has gone from an open lot to a football stadium sized building. It is set to make Chodov Centrum one of the biggest retail areas in the Czech Republic, and will include cinemas and new restaurants. Workers in the nearby business park will be especially pleased as they will be able to pick up cheap clothes, get a decent meal and watch a movie on their lunch breaks.

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“Extending the Center Chodov has long been perceived as one of our major investment plans in the Central European region. The aim of the project is to provide customers a full alternative to shopping and entertainment in the city center.“ Arnaud Burlin – CEO of Unibail-Rodamco for Central Europe


It’s Official: Science Proves That Bald Men Are Awesome

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Superman was an alien with unimaginable power. He had lasers for eyes, god-like strength, the ability to fly and super-nice hair. So, when the writers of the Superman comic series had to invent a nemesis for Superman, they could either go big or go bald; step forward Lex Luthor. It wasn’t by mistake that Lex was made without hair; the artists knew that bald men have a little something extra.

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Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania recently completed sets of tests and experiments to determine which physical characteristics of a man might determine a character trait. The results, which I already knew anyway, are that the majority of women see bald men as dominant, confident, attractive, and strong. The experiments were very simple and candidates would be asked to rate a photograph of a man on how they imagined the man might behave.

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The study found some interesting results overall and they revealed their finding recently. The findings show that hair is a focal point of self-expression and men without hair might be perceived as making a daring move which translates to dominance. Bald men are also reckoned to have more masculine jobs than our hairy cousins, making us come across as more dominant. In other words, I might work in IT, but I look like a man that breaks rocks with other rocks.

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Bald men beware; this effect of baldness making people think you re awesome only works with complete baldness. Guys that have patchy baldness, bald-spots or partial baldness are not seen in the same light as men that have the full-on streamlined skulls.

Not only are we seen as more dominant than our hairy brothers, bald men are stereotyped as being more successful, wise and smarter. This apparently has something to do with bald men generally being older and more experienced.

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“It could be speculated that although the characteristic of baldness decreases a man’s perceived physical attractiveness, it increases his perceived social dominance. There is a large body of literature that shows that although women like physically attractive men, they are also very attracted to signs of high social dominance. Consequently, it could now be explained how the characteristic was passed on. My speculation is that as humans evolved and the group became increasingly important for survival, males played a more integral role in the family group, and it may have been adaptive to evolve a morphological sign of this dominance-related role and one that made the adult males appear less threatening and more approachable to facilitate interactions with them.” – Dr Muscarella

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