The Prague Earthquake – Latest Updates

An earthquake registering 4.1 on the Richter scale shook Prague and the Karlovy Vary region overnight, causing some aggravated pets and mild trembles in some areas.

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The earthquake originated in the Luby district of the Karlovy Vary region and reached as far as Prague. This is the first time in 4 years that an earthquake of this magnitude has hit the region. According the Richter scale, a scale invented by Charles F. Richter to identify the magnitude of earthquakes, an event of this scale can cause the following effects:

‘Noticeable shaking of indoor objects and rattling noises. Felt by most people in the affected area. Slightly felt outside. Generally causes none to minimal damage. Moderate to significant damage very unlikely. Some objects may fall off shelves or be knocked over.’

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*Possible effect of an earthquake

Prague doesn’t normally come to mind when you think of earthquakes and many residents were rightly concerned about the event. One Prague resident complained:

“It was mental. The dogs wouldn’t stop barking and my signed Michael Chopra photo fell off the shelf” – Mr M Colley – Prague resident

So far very few incidents of property damage have been reported to authorities and the geological office have said that this is a rare event and we’ve nothing to worry about.

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